Why Tech Stocks Are Worth Watching in 2019

Tech is an exciting industry where investors can make a lot of money if they play their cards right. By getting in on the ground floor and choosing stock picks that are likely to skyrocket, investors can secure their financial futures and create real wealth for themselves and their families. 

It all starts with knowing how to invest. Investing through the stock market is a good idea because you can earn compound interest on your shares over time. Stocks are long-term investments that will make you huge gains. The stock market’s average annual return is 10% per year, and some tech stocks to watch may even give you a higher return than that. 

Right now, tech is a hot industry to invest in because it’s the largest sector in the S&P 500. It makes up about 20% of the index. Tech is leading the future and changing the very fabric of our everyday lives.  

In 2019, there are a variety of tech trends that you should be watching out for. For example, companies like Hulu and Amazon are investing more in streaming video to beat out competitors like Netflix. Tech companies are also putting out more smart home products like home assistants, providing increased 5G technology, developing artificial intelligence technology, and coming up with products to rival the market-dominating Apple Watch. 

 If you want to hop on board the tech train and make big returns in the years to come, make sure you look into these tech stocks to watch and consider investing in them.  

Top 4 Tech Stocks to Watch & Buy

1. Apple  


Apple is one of the best tech stocks for 2019 because the company is doing well, and it’s only expected to continue. Apple’s stock price is currently at over $200 per share and trending upward. They have cornered the market on smartwatches with the Apple Watch, and iPhone sales are strong. Unlike other tech companies, Apple has a passionate legion of loyal customers who would never switch over to competitors like Microsoft or Samsung. When Apple releases products, people go wild, writing reviews for other fans and waiting in lines for hours just to sneak a peek at the new technology. Apple will remain one of the top tech stocks to watch for a long time.  

2. Amazon 

Amazon is a great tech stock to buy because it’s worth more than $1,800 per share, and the company only seems to be going stronger. They have many different products and services to offer including Amazon Web Services, their industry-leading cloud offering. The company revolutionized shipping, and other companies are struggling to keep up with it. They also provide video streaming services, which are becoming more popular thanks to hits like “Transparent” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” Expect Amazon stock to only keep going up and up. That’s why it’s one of the best tech stocks to buy now.  

3. Microsoft

Microsoft stock is trading at more than $120 per share, making it another great tech stocks to watch. After some rough years and roll-outs with Windows software, the company has bounced back thanks to its improved products and services. Microsoft is, like Amazon, another one of the leaders in the cloud industry, which is currently booming and will only continue to grow. Their subscription-based products like Microsoft Office have been popular among consumers, and the company is now venturing into the Internet of Things products. Make sure you keep your eye out for Microsoft, one of the best tech stocks for 2019 

4. PayPal  

Another one of the tech stocks to watch is PayPal, which trades for over $107 a share. From 2015 to 2018, it’s stock price skyrocketed, and the company only continues to do well with the increasing adoption of mobile payments. Even though it faces competition from Zelle and Apple Pay, among others, its customer base has grown over the last few years. Make sure you add PayPal to your list of tech stocks to watch and possibly invest in this year.

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