The 3 Most Undervalued Tech Stocks To Pay Attention To

As a new investor, you’re always looking for industries you can invest in that will only grow overtime and pay off big. When you’re ready to cash out, you want to know that your money has been collecting a healthy amount of compound interest and that you’ll be set up for success when it comes to big financial decisions like buying a home, retiring, or paying for your children’s college education.

Tech is an industry you should seriously consider. There are many reasons why tech is booming right now and will continue to thrive well into the future. Paying attention to undervalued tech stocks is the key to making a wise investment in such a hot industry.

Why Invest in Tech?

Finding-the-most-undervaluedtech-stocks-to add-to-your-portfolio-is-key-to-your-investing-success

With more people around the globe becoming connected every day, the need for technology is increasing. Tech has the power to revolutionize the world and change the fabric of our everyday lives. If you discover the right tech stocks to invest in, and you get in early, it can pay off big.

Over the past 10 years or so, the NASDAQ-100 Technology Sector Index has rallied about 150%, which is more than double the 65% gain that the S&P 500 had. In addition, the technology sector makes up 26% of the S&P 500 index. Corporations are making monumental profits because they have changed how people perform everyday tasks like work, communicate, shop, and digest the news. For example, corporations like Apple and Amazon completely disrupted the smartphone and retail industries and have only been experiencing a tremendous growth since they were founded.

If you have the money to invest, now is the time to do it. However, you want to get in on tech stocks that have not yet taken off. They are undervalued tech stocks that are still affordable and are set to make healthy profits in the future. Here are a few undervalued tech stocks you should consider looking into.

1. Avid Technology


Avid Technology is a multimedia technology corporation that specializes in video and audio. They are one of the undervalued tech stocks you should consider investing in. Right now, their share price is around $7.74. In March of 2019, the stock rose 26% in one day, and revenue in the fourth quarter of 2018 grew by 5%. In a statement, CEO Jeff Rosica said, “Our return to revenue growth and the improvement in our key financial metrics, including Free Cash Flow and Adjusted EBITDA, demonstrate an improving business profile for our company.” Zacks gave Avid a #1, which is a “Strong Buy,” and a value grade of an A. Since it’s been doing well and it has a strong earnings future, Avid is definitely a corporation with an undervalued stock that will pay off.

2. Broadcom

Broadcom, a manufacturer, and designer of infrastructure software and semiconductor solutions are used by networks, broadband, and storage markets. Its share price is $318, and they have more than doubled their profits over the past four years. It has partnered with huge corporations, such as Apple and Samsung, and it recently acquired CA Technologies, one of the largest independent software corporations. It is an expert in the semiconductor industry. The acquisition worried Wall Street, so the stock suffered in 2018, which made it one of the most undervalued tech stocks. Now is the time to invest in this corporation before its stock skyrockets.

3. FireEye

FireEye provides cybersecurity solutions to its customers, and its current share price is around $15. They serve more than 7,300 customers in 67 countries around the world, which includes more than 50% of the Forbes Global 2000. Since people and companies are more susceptible to hacks and malware than ever before, FireEye is a much-needed solution. It doesn’t make as much revenue as its competitors, which means it trades at a lower price-to-sales ratio than the stocks of those competitors. Since it doesn’t make as much money as its rivals, Wall Street has undervalued FireEye in the past. However, in February of 2019, their earnings topped Wall Street’s estimates. Later this year, the company predicts that they will close $5 million+ deals in the upcoming quarters. Though this is one of the most undervalued tech stocks, FireEye has a bright future. Facebook may be in talks to acquire it, so investors will have to wait and see how long this will be one of the most undervalued tech stocks.

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