Radical Technology Profits: What’s Next in the Technology Sector?


You only have to turn on the television or log on to your favorite news site to know that tech is in the middle of a huge resurgence. Some even believe that we’re entering an entirely new phase of technology, which means that tech investors and subscribers to Radical Technology Profits have amazing opportunities to profit off invention and innovation.

Of course, the tech sector is huge. We’re looking at advancements on a huge scale, so what should we expect next — and how can you profit?



Crime has been a problem as long as people have walked the Earth, and it sometimes seems as though the criminals find workarounds to our security solutions as fast as we can roll them out. This is especially true when it comes to internet security and, specifically, identity theft.

Watch for companies that are coming out of the woodwork and giving Radical Technology Profits subscribers opportunities for huge gains. Sometimes the smallest companies produce the most innovation because they have less to lose by courting failure. When they succeed, their stock prices often break out spectacularly.

Companies that produce home and corporate security systems might also see lots of activity in terms of securities. As security systems become smarter, they create higher demand and require more moving parts.

If you’re a tech investor, you’ll want to pay careful attention to security innovation surrounding the Internet of Things, which I’ll cover more in a minute. Machine-to-machine communication and machine learning have opened up entirely new ways to protect people and their property, and as revenues climb, so do stock prices.


I probably don’t need to tell you that the tech sector and healthcare overlap at numerous points. Physicians, hospitals, and clinics have become increasingly reliant on technology, as my Radical Technology Profits subscribers know, but they need more reliable tech.

For instance, HIPAA rules have made protecting patients’ private data more critical than ever before. Implementing smart tech to encrypt information, sending it securely to patients through electronic means, and sharing information between providers is critical.

Good tech investors will pay careful attention to companies that produce electronic medical records (EMR) technology. More and more physicians are using online portals to communicate with patients and to digitize their own records, but many of those systems have resulted in frustration both among providers and patients.

The next company to produce an innovative EMR solution might be poised for major stock price fluctuations.

Internet of Things

I already touched on the Internet of Things (IoT), but it’s far more pervasive than many people think. Broadly, the IoT describes the culture inherent to internet-connected devices. Machine learning and M2M communication have made it easier for people to sync their devices, prioritize their lives, and structure their businesses.

Again, though, we have overlap. As convenient as the IoT has made simple things, such as setting your thermostat, it also introduces security vulnerabilities. How the IoT and security intersect will influence securities related to companies that specialize in the IoT.

Furthermore, we’re likely to see lots of price fluctuations based on announcements. For instance, if an IoT company has produced an amazing new technology that is later found to have a serious security bug, that company’s stock is likely to plummet immediately.

In this way, tech investors can profit off the upside and the downside by buying, selling, and shorting stocks as appropriate.


Have you checked your Fitbit today?

Wearables have become an obsession for many consumers — especially Millennials. When you can get your text messages and even phone calls from a watch, you’re suddenly more connected than ever before.

Wearables experience a lot of overlap with healthcare in the tech sector. For instance, doctors can provide patients with devices like watches and armbands that continuously gauge vital signs. Instead of hospitalizing a patient, the doctor can monitor the patient remotely and intervene if a problem occurs.

Similarly, many people in the fitness industry are highly invested in wearables. Fitness wearables help consumers monitor everything from caloric intake to heart rate and more. Tech investors and Radical Technology Profits subscribers stand to experience unprecedented gains if they’re able to capitalize on wearables manufacturers that add a new dimension to an already active market.

Smart Cities

Believe it or not, cities themselves are becoming increasingly “smart,” enabling citizens to take advantage of the IoT in numerous situations, from finding parking spaces to getting water delivered for their home plumbing.

Companies investing in creating smart cities give tech investors plenty of opportunities to make money. The stock price fluctuations for these companies can be unpredictable, but if you’re tuned into Radical Technology Profits and paying careful attention to the news, you can predict breakouts or breakdowns.

Smart Cars

Can cars get smarter than they currently are? Absolutely.

Vehicle manufacturers and their vendors are in constant competition to create the next greatest technology for vehicle safety, performance, and experience. We’re in a bit of a lull here, but that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty going on behind the scenes.

As we’ve seen over and over again, car makers and their vendors often rush through the prototyping process. Numerous recalls have hit the news about smart car features that run amok, so it’s essential to stay on top of the latest market news with Radical Technology Profits.

You don’t want to wait to exit a position until investors start dumping stock left and right. You want to be the first to get out before the big fall.

Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom. Profiting from the upside of a major announcement or new innovation can result in huge profits for the savvy tech investor.

Big Data

There’s some confusion over the term Big Data, but it essentially refers to data that’s collected in tremendous abundance over a short period of time. The complication isn’t collecting the data, but interpreting it quickly and accurately.

Tech companies that design resources and programs for Big Data are poised to attract venture capital and increasing amounts of revenue, which will drive up stock prices.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Many people use the terms augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) interchangeably. They’re actually two very different kinds of technology.

AR adds elements to your reality (your vision), while VR replaces it entirely.

If you put on a VR headset that hasn’t been turned on, you’ll see nothing but blackness. An AR headset, on the other hand, allows you to see, but overlays other information on top of what your vision detects.

Both technologies are still in their infancy when it comes to consumer products. Expect to see lots of developments now that the vulnerabilities and limitations have been exposed in products like Oculus Rift.

Social Media

We can’t talk about the tech sector without mentioning social media. For many, social is just Twitter and Facebook, but it’s actually far more expansive.

There are social media sites specifically for investors, such as Profit.ly, and for many other industries. Plus, social media encompasses numerous ways for people to profit, which means that savvy tech investors can achieve huge gains if they pay attention.

Conclusion: Radical Technology Profits

I got my start right in Silicon Valley, and I’ve worked to understand every aspect of the tech sector. Using that knowledge, I capitalize on stock price movements and other securities to pad my bank account. I also share that knowledge with my Radical Technology Profits subscribers.

My goal is to help as many people as possible profit from tech investments in the shortest time frame possible. If you haven’t subscribed, now’s the time.

You can also improve your tech investor status by signing up for my strategic tech investor publication. Learn everything you wanted to know and more about tech stocks so your profits increase along with your knowledge.

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