Radical Technology Profits Review: 6 Things You Can’t Get Anywhere Else


If you’ve read any Radical Technology Profits reviews, you might be familiar with my work. I’m Michael A. Robinson, a tech investor and Silicon Valley native. My newsletters teach investors and traders how to profit enormously from the stock market.

I’m also the author of Nova-X Report, which is another newsletter that helps people grow their wealth through smart investing. However, before you subscribe to one of my newsletters, you might want to know what the Radical Technology Profits reviews say.

Radical Technology Profits Review: What Do People Say?


People send me testimonials all the time about how much they appreciate my work. They even share how much they’ve profited, which always makes me feel like I’m doing the work I’m supposed to do.

Randall, for instance, recently shared a Radical Technology Profits review with me:

“In a nut shell I am up in all your recommendations all 5. I love your guiding platform, your pre-entry info is well thought out. and your stoploss guidance is bang on. I have been looking for someone like you for a long time. Thank you Thank you. If you were here I would give you a big hug. I look forward to a long and profitable relationship with you and your team.”

Ryan Jared also had nice things to say about me in his Radical Technology Profits review:

“Michael, I have a wife and two kids. You have helped my young family recover from the 2008 crisis where we lost everything, including our home. Thanks to you I have been able to rebuild my nest egg.”

I hear similar things from people who subscribe to Nova-X Report, and it’s always nice to know that I’m making a difference in people’s lives.

But what, specifically, can you learn from Radical Technology Profits? Let me share with you the six most important pieces of knowledge you’ll garner from my newsletter that you can’t get anywhere else.

1. Access to One of the World’s Foremost Tech Analysts

I’ve spent more than 30 years in Silicon Valley and in the tech world. Over the years, I’ve been present for some of the most important technology releases of our time, including cloud computing and more. With me on your side, you’re more likely to profit from your tech plays.

It’s not just me, though, as I’ll explain in a minute. I also have access to other amazing minds in the tech sector, and I often read Radical Technology Profits reviews that reference my connections. Since I’m able to talk to market-makers in the tech sector, I can pass on what I learn to my subscribers.

2. The Real Deal Behind X-31

If you haven’t heard of X-31, don’t feel bad. Most people haven’t. It’s an amazing discovery that’s poised to take over Silicon Valley and replace some of the most fundamental components of our favorite gadgets — as well as those that haven’t even been invented yet.

X-31 is far more powerful and malleable than silicon, which makes it preferable. Until now, it hasn’t been placed in mass use because of its cost, but I predict that’s going to change soon. If you get in on a tiny company that has X-31 in its hands, you could stand to make enormous profits. You won’t find the detailed analysis I share about X-31 anywhere else, as you might have discovered from reading a Radical Technology Profits review or two.

3. Information About Stocks Poised For Dramatic Upswings

I named my newsletter Radical Technology Profits for a reason. Why settle for small, short-term gains when you can win big?

Over the years, I’ve watched hundreds of companies grow by 1,000 percent or more. These are the companies that have disruptive technology in their fists and can wield it for massive market gains. Getting technology approved by the FCC occurs in stages that take time, so the huge profits aren’t visible if you’re looking at a 100-day chart. You have to dig deeper.

I share these secrets, as Radical Technology Profits reviews will attest. With the experience and technology at my disposal, I’m capable of making more accurate predictions about stock price movements than most of my contemporaries.

4. An Understanding of How Tech Influences Other Market Sectors

As I’ve shared with my Nova X-Report and Radical Technology Profits subscribers, tech doesn’t exist in a bubble. It’s unique because it influences every other market sector, from utilities and energy to health care and consumer staples. We use tech to manufacture non-tech products and to communicate with our audiences through marketing.

You’ll notice from Radical Technology Profits reviews that I don’t just help my subscribers find good tech stocks. I share with them information about seemingly small companies that have amazing technology at their fingertips and can potentially influence multiple other sectors.

Think about how much health care has changed over the last decades. Wearables, for instance, have allowed physicians to monitor their patients remotely. We might be looking at technology that enables this process through something as small as a temporary tattoo instead of a watch or bracelet.

We see all of these changes and advancements in the stock market. My job is to pinpoint those stocks with potential and share what I’ve learned with my subscribers. You could benefit from it, too.

5. Interviews With Silicon Valley Insiders

One unique feature of Radical Technology Profits is that I actually take you behind the scenes. When I meet with people in my networking sphere, I record our conversations and make them available to subscribers.

You don’t have to make those connections. Instead, you can watch me ask questions and discuss policy and finance with them from afar. Furthermore, you don’t just get insights from me. You also get insights from market-makers, analysts, CEOs, and other high-level figures in this space.

As Radical Technology Profits reviews will attest, you can’t find that level of access anywhere else.

6. Tech Alerts for Tiny Companies That Offer Quick Profits

I know that I’ve talked a lot about gaining huge profits from companies that are poised to break out in a big way, but that’s not the only way to play the stock market. For months now, I’ve been talking about a tiny company worth about $7 per share. I don’t know exactly when it will break out, but if the stars align, people who invest in that company stand to win big.

Any catalyst can force a low-priced stock to break out. Even if it only breaks out to $20 per share, if you have 1,000 shares of that stock, you can sell with huge profits — and often in a short period of time.

My goal is to help you develop a well-balanced portfolio of long- and short-term investment opportunities. From day trading and swing trading to buy-and-hold strategies, I cover it all. You’ll see that information reflected in Radical Technology Profits reviews.


I love when I see someone post a Radical Technology Profits review online. Even if the review isn’t all positive, I’m glad people are talking about it.

ForexVestor, for instance, came into the service thinking one thing, then decided on another. The long-form review ends with some of the best praise I’ve ever gotten:

“Well, we certainly have been proven wrong – because when we first came across Radical Technology Profits we really did doubt whether it could offer anything different to what’s already out there. But wrong we certainly were, because this advisory service honestly does deliver – and then some…”

I’m also grateful for the Radical Technology Profits review from SteadyIncomeInvestments.com:

“Michael Robinson can so consistently spot winning technology stocks because he is the consummate insider, with a “platinum Rolodex” filled with the leading names in science, technology, and venture capital.”

Of course, there are plenty of other reviews posted online and on this website. They talk about their specific profits and how they achieved specific dreams or goals.

If you’d like to follow in these folks’ footsteps, I’d love for you to join Radical Technology Profits. You won’t be disappointed. My goal is to help every one of my subscribers profit handsomely from their efforts, and you could be my next success story.

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