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It wasn’t that long ago that smartphones were the stuff of science fiction, and today we are living in a world where 3D printed organs, feeling robots, smart metals, and a cure for cancer are just around the corner. Early adopters who invest early in the most cutting-edge technologies have the potential to create million-dollar portfolios. And that’s why Radical Technology Profits exists.


Michael Robinson

Hi, I’m Michael Robinson…

Coming to you from the heart of Silicon Valley…

Brace yourself.

Because in the next few minutes, I’m going to show you a scientific phenomenon that will absolutely blow your mind…

At first, you may think this is science fiction – like something straight out of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Terminator

But as you absorb the facts…

The undeniable proof…

And the irrefutable evidence…

You’ll realize this is NOT science-fiction…

This is scientific fact.

A scientific fact that is rocking Silicon Valley to its core…

A scientific fact that is kicking open the door to a whole new world of stunning possibilities…

A scientific fact that’s about to create staggering wealth… minting new millionaires and billionaires, virtually out of thin air.

And it all starts with this silvery-blue pool of metal.

That’s right… this is metal!


Here it is in its solid form…

BR-01 Repeat

Check it out:

Looks a bit like raw steel, doesn’t it?

It’s incredibly strong – watch what happens when I hit it with a hammer.

Rock solid…

And yet, when I pick it up…

This chunk of solid metal literally SHAPE-SHIFTS in my hand.

BR-01 Repeat

Look at that.

Within seconds, it transforms into a pool of liquid.

Obviously, this metal is not steel…

And it’s not mercury…

Or iron…

Or nickel…

Or any other metal you’re familiar with.

I’d wager that 99 folks out of 100 have NEVER heard of this metal.

But that’s about to change in a big way.

You see, this metal has a one-of-a-kind molecular structure.

It’s unlike anything else in the Milky Way Galaxy.

And its unique atomic composition allows it to do some remarkable things.

The U.S. Government calls it a “smart metal…”

And, as you’ll see in a moment, it truly does possess an intelligence of its own.

In fact, its capabilities have already spawned a Nobel Prize!


But intelligence is only the beginning.

In a moment, I’m going to show you a video of this liquid smart metal in action.

I DARE YOU not to fall out of your chair!

You see, not only is this metal smart…

But it can be programmed to carry out specific instructions!

Plus, it can shape-shift on demand, changing form in the blink of an eye…

It can also move on its own.

That’s right – self-propulsion.

And here’s the kicker…

This smart metal can self-assemble

In other words, if you break it into pieces…

And scatter the pieces around the room…

This stuff can put itself back together again… to its original form!

That’s right…

Just like the Terminator.

In fact, scientists have already used this smart metal to create the world’s first programmable, shape-shifting, liquid-metal robot.

“Eventually it may be possible to build a liquid-metal humanoid like the Terminator, but with better programming.”

-Dr. Kamway Kalantir-Zadeh

Like I said: Wait ’til you see the video!


It’s gonna knock you off your chair…

Imagine what the U.S. Army could do with a liquid-metal robot programmed to carry out battlefield heroics and covert operations…

Imagine what the U.S. Air Force could do with a shape-shifting drone the size of a mosquito…

No wonder the U.S. Department of Defense is all over this revolutionary smart metal!

No wonder researchers at Harvard, MIT, and Stanford University are all hailing this shape-shifting phenomenon…

But let’s put future applications aside for now…

Because today, right now, this smart metal is having a profound impact on modern society.

In fact, it’s currently DISRUPTING every industry on the planet, including:

  • Military technology…
  • National defense…
  • Consumer electronics…
  • Telecommunications…
  • Energy…
  • And even medicine.

Folks who get in early could ride this opportunity up to 10, 15, even 25 times their money.

And that’s just the beginning.

As I mentioned, this shape-shifting metal already helped win the Nobel Prize.

Dr. John Zolper, VP of Technology at Raytheon, says this liquid smart metal is “changing the world.”

An MIT professor agrees, calling this metal a “once in a lifetime opportunity to change not only electronics, but the entire energy industry.”

And Dr. Kent Moors, a 30-year veteran of the U.S. intelligence community – and one of the leading resource experts in the world – says:

This shape-shifting smart metal has an IQ of its own. Genius level. It’s already having an unprecedented impact on modern-society. And the new wealth it’s about to create? STAGGERING!

-Dr. Kent Moors


When you look back at history, there’s only been one other time when something this transformative came along…

That was when another material – by the name of Silicon – hit the scene and ignited a technological revolution that changed the world.

Silicon made the impossible POSSIBLE!

And spawned all the incredible technologies we now take for granted…

  • Personal computers…
  • Smartphones…
  • Even the internet.

I-05, I-06, I-07
None of these devices would have been possible without silicon.

Silicon is so essential to modern society that ground zero of the tech world now bears its name.

That’s right, Silicon Valley.

When you add it all up, silicon has created over an estimated $15 trillion in new wealth… and minted countless millionaires out of thin air.

Listen, when I first arrived in Silicon Valley over 30 years ago…

I saw silicon transform dead-broke janitors into fist-pumping millionaires…

Silicon allowed 34-year-old secretaries to RETIRE – on the spot – with MILLIONS in the bank.

And because of silicon… a homeless artist pocketed $200 million in stock options just for painting a tech startup’s offices!

Today, we’ve come full circle.

A new era is rising in Silicon Valley.

History could be about to repeat itself.

Massive fortunes are expected to be made.

But this time, the magic-elixir is NOT silicon…

It’s the mind-blowing smart metal you just saw shape-shift in my hand.

BR-01 Repeat
Around the Silicon Valley venture capitalists and neuroscientists, I call this metal and its various compounds X-31

That’s because when you break this metal down to its molecular level

It has EXACTLY 31 protons in its nucleus.

At the same time, it has 31 electrons.

Perfect symmetry.

In fact, it’s got a one-of-a-kind molecular structure – unlike anything else in the entire universe.

As a result, X-31 is able to perform feats of technological magic that make silicon look like Silly Putty.

Already, every major company in every major industry is infusing their products with tiny, microscopic drops of X-31…

From Apple… to Google… to Samsung… to Intel… to Raytheon… to the U.S. Department of Defense and beyond.

If you thought silicon changed the world…

If you thought the last 30 years were unbelievable…

If you thought the personal computer… the internet… and the smartphone were revolutionary…

Wait ’til you see what X-31 can do!

At the center of this revolution, sits a tiny $7 company holding 42 critical patents.

This company is small, less than one-half of one percent the size of Apple…

But it won’t stay that way for long.

In fact, at this moment, this tiny $7 company is preparing a major announcement

An announcement that could launch the $7 stock as much as $14… $21… $28… even $56 in the blink of an eye.

Imagine stepping back in time…

Imagine getting in early on one of the tiny companies that built Silicon Valley.

Imagine buying Qualcomm and watching it soar 22,500%.

Imagine buying Microchip Technology and watching it run 24,441%.

Imagine buying Micron and watching it surge 25,800%.

Imagine buying Applied Materials and watching it skyrocket 57,400%.

Imagine buying Intel, and watching it bolt 68,000%.

Rare and exceptional gains, no doubt…

But the $7 company I’m going to tell you about today could offer similar potential…

And even a fraction of those gains could change your life!

I’ll give you my 12-month price target in a moment…

But first, allow me to introduce myself.

Again, my name is Michael Robinson…

I’m the Director of Technology and Venture Capital Research at Money Morning, a $200 million investment-research firm based in Baltimore, Maryland.

If my name sounds familiar, it’s because I’m a Pulitzer Prize-nominee and a regular guest on CNBC and Fox Business News.

In addition, my work has been featured by the American Enterprise Institute, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.

As a 34-year veteran of Silicon Valley, I’ve served as a Strategic Consultant and Board Member at Silicon Valley venture capital firms.

Listen: I was there at the beginning of the tech revolution. And I’ve been part of some monster home runs. For example…

I was a hired gun at WhereNet, a wireless pioneer that privately sold for $126 million.

I was one of five people in the room when the “cloud computing” industry was launched… creating $165 billion in staggering wealth out of thin air.

I was at John McAfee’s side in the days before his internet-security firm sold for $6.8 billion.

And I can tell you – with absolute certainty – SILICON made every single one of these wins possible.

Before silicon came along, electronic devices were bulky, slow, and consumed staggering amounts of energy.

Silicon changed everything…

You see, silicon is a semiconductor, which means it can transmit electronic signals.

No wires necessary!

All you need is a slice of silicon… called a “wafer.”


These wafers are IMPRINTED with all the electrical circuitry a device needs.

What you end up with is called a “silicon chip…”

And these “chips” become the brains for every electronic device on the planet, including phones, computers, laptops, televisions… everything.

Because of silicon, it was suddenly possible to cram thousands, millions, or even billions of electronic components onto tiny silicon chips no bigger than a fingertip.

Of course, companies that had the expertise to design and manufacture silicon chips generated tremendous fortunes.

Take Intel, for example…

Because of its ability to manufacture silicon chips, Intel grew from a tiny startup… into a multibillion tech titan.

Folks who got in early saw life-changing gains.

In fact, Intel soared a rare and exceptional 68,000%

Think about that… 68,000%!

That’s good enough to turn a thousand bucks into $680,000…

It’s good enough to turn $10,000 into $6.8 million in a single trade…

It’s good enough to turn $25,000 into $17 million.

As you can see, gains like this are rare and exceptional.

Could the $7 company I’m currently recommending deliver that kind of return?

I’ll give you my price target in just a second.

And remember that past performance does not guarantee future results.

But with that in mind, here’s something very important:

Silicon is NOT the only semiconductor on Earth.

In fact, silicon isn’t even the best semiconductor on Earth.

Not even close.

The reason silicon became the “go-to” semiconductor for technologies comes down to one thing:


In short, silicon is cheap.

This allowed for mass production at a low cost, and ignited a technology revolution that changed the world.

And for 30 years, silicon has kept up a staggering pace by condensing more and more power into less and less space.

But here’s the thing…

After decades of pushing the envelope, silicon has reached the outer-limits of its capabilities.

Silicon simply can’t go any faster.

It can’t get any smaller.

And it can no longer support the incredible technologies that are becoming essential to modern society.

Silicon has been pushed to its limits.”


Industry expert Technica agrees, saying:

It looks like the “end of the road for silicon.”

And Dr. Thomas Conte, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology agrees, saying:

“Silicon’s days are numbered.”

Wired Magazine reports that IBM has already placed a $3 billion bet on the DEATH of SILICON!

And Intel – the biggest silicon-chip maker in the world – has signaled that they’re abandoning silicon for their new 7nm chips.

In addition, Intel has announced plans to tear down their massive 600,000 square-foot silicon-chip factory in Hudson, Massachusetts.

Plus, they’ve closed silicon-chip factories in Malaysia, Costa Rica, Oregon, California, and the Philippines.

Now, this really shouldn’t surprise you.

Quite frankly, I’m surprised silicon has lasted this long.

At this very moment, a whole new technological revolution is emerging…

A new revolution that will make the smartphone and the personal computer seem about as sophisticated as Legos.

And while silicon can’t keep the pace any longer…

A new metal has taken the baton.

This new metal and its compounds is none other than X-31.

According to Dr. Alex Lidow, a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Stanford University, just one use of X-31 has “taken the torch” from silicon and is now sprinting full speed.

MIT News published an article calling that same usage the “new silicon.”

That’s actually an understatement…

Wired Magazine reports it could be 6,000 times better than silicon!

That’s also an understatement.

You see, X-31 isn’t just better than silicon…

It’s not just faster than silicon…

And it’s not just more powerful than silicon.

X-31 operates on a whole HIGHER LEVEL than silicon!

X-31 is unlike anything else in the entire universe.

And its one-of-a-kind molecular structure allows it to do things that silicon simply can’t do.

First of all, because of X-31’s unique molecular structure, it has an astounding ability to conduct electrons.

In short, they fly around virtually unencumbered at dizzying speeds.

I’m talking up to 1,300 miles per second.


As a result, X-31 offers astounding SPEED and POWER that puts silicon to shame.

In fact, X-31 can be up to 100 times faster than silicon

Plus, it could be many times more powerful than silicon.

And it can do it with minimal effort.

As you’ll see in a moment, the difference this speed-power combination makes in smartphones, computers, and even radar systems is profound.


But speed and power are just the beginning…

As you may know, silicon degrades at high temperatures.

That’s a big problem because today’s smartphones contain billions of transistors all operating simultaneously.

That generates tremendous heat.


Silicon can’t handle it.

Again, its performance degrades at high temperatures.

Now, as I showed you earlier, raw X-31 melts at room temperature, about 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

But here’s the thing: When you add a second ingredient to X-31, it can withstand extreme heat, up to 4,532 degrees Fahrenheit!


No cooling fans necessary!

So you get tiny, powerful devices conducting mind-blowing functions at lightning speed… without melting down!

Here’s something else:

Silicon has what’s called an “indirect bandgap.”

That means it is very poor at transmitting light.

But X-31 is different.

It has a “direct bandgap,” making it an excellent conductor of light.

As you’ll see in a moment, it’s this aspect that makes X-31 so critical for modern lasers, 3D sensors, radars, smartphones, and computers.

But that’s just the beginning.

Scientists have used X-31 to create two-dimensional materials no thicker than a few atoms.

Two dimensional. That means, it’s so thin, it has a height and a width… but it doesn’t have a measurable depth!

Talk about cramming power into tiny spaces!

At the same time, X-31 is incredibly pliable. Plus, it can shape-shift without losing functionality.

This is very different from silicon.

Silicon is brittle, cracks easily, and can’t bend.

That’s why traditional circuit boards are stiff, and unyielding.

But again, X-31 can be molded into endless shapes.

This opens the door to flexible – and stretchable – electronic devices that can be twisted, folded, woven into clothing, or even tattooed onto the human skin!

Put all these X-31 assets together, and you are talking about capabilities that will have a profound impact on modern society.

Dr. Alex Lidow, a Stanford University Ph.D., says:

“Applications that we never imagined are going to come out of the woodwork. [X-31] is going to change the way we live.”

For example…

Already, doctors at the University of Illinois have used X-31 to develop an “electronic tattoo” that can monitor a patient’s vital signs.

Instead of being tied to a hospital bed, the patient can go home early while doctors monitor his heart rate, blood pressure, and even brain activity remotely!

All it takes is this little temporary tattoo, embedded with millions of microscopic circuits and transistors.

I-21, I-22
Of course, this is just the beginning of what “electronic tattoos” could do…

Imagine a fully functional smartphone tattooed right on your forearm!

Or how ’bout watching your favorite TV show or playoff game – in living color – right from the back of your hand!

It could be coming, thanks to X-31…

And listen to this: Scientists at Carnegie-Mellon are using X-31 to create the world’s first liquid computer…


The possibilities are endless…

Imagine having an X-31 liquid computer programmed and injected into your arm. Just like getting a flu shot…

Imagine it shape-shifting its way into your arteries, and through your entire cardiovascular system…

Seeking out dangerous blood clots…

Dissolving them instantaneously…

All the while beaming vital information and video images to a world-renowned heart specialist… 3,000 miles away!

Imagine if all you needed to capture solar energy was a new coat of paint embedded with microscopic X-31 solar panels!

Or what about solar cells literally woven into your clothes… allowing you to charge your smartphone from anywhere in the world… without a power cord!


And it gets better…

You see, X-31 can shape-shift on demand, changing form in the blink of an eye… without losing function.

Plus, it can self-assemble.

That means, if you break X-31 apart, and scatter the pieces…

It can put itself back together again… to its original form!

In other words, it can self-assemble!


This is still the early stage, but just think of the possibilities it unleashes…

Imagine what the U.S. Navy could do with a shape-shifting drone… able to transform from a deep-water submarine… into a Mach 5 fighter jet… and then into an all-terrain tank vehicle… with the flick of a button!

No wonder the Department of Defense is all over X-31!

Of course, some of these possibilities could be a ways off…

But already, this technology is impacting modern society.

For example, X-31 is already being used to create self-healing electronic circuits that can repair themselves…

Forget about taking your broken computer in for repairs – it can repair itself!

Forget about sending a repairman into the elevator shaft – the wiring repairs itself!

The possibilities are absolutely endless.

When you consider the facts… when you consider the incredible possibilities… when you consider the mind-blowing applications already being utilized right now…

You can only come to one conclusion:

Silicon is holding back world-changing innovation…

And it has been for some time.

In fact, even 10 years ago, silicon was having trouble keeping up with the technological demands.

Consequently, manufacturers started adding small bits of X-31 to their products.

In fact, modern smartphones, computers, and flat screen TVs would not be possible without at least a tiny drop of X-31’s magic.

Take a look at the companies already using bits of X-31 in their products:

  • Google…
  • Qualcomm…
  • Intel…
  • Apple…
  • Uber…
  • Samsung…
  • Finisar…
  • Broadcom…
  • Huawei…
  • Fuji…
  • Audi…
  • BMW…
  • Ford…
  • Boeing…
  • Alcatel-Lucent…
  • Nokia…
  • Northrup-Grumman…
  • Raytheon…
  • And many more!

Thing is, until now, X-31 has been used sparingly…

Now… you may be wondering: If X-31 offers such a dominant advantage over silicon… why aren’t we already using it for everything?

Why hasn’t X-31 completely replaced silicon already?

One word: COST!

Remember: Silicon became the go-to semiconductor because it was cheap…

But now, silicon can’t get the job done.

For technology companies to meet the demands of modern society…

X-31 is a MUST!

And guess what?

Thanks to manufacturing advances, as well as shifting market factors…

X-31 is now cheaper than silicon in many cases!

That’s right.

In fact, at the end of 2017, silicon prices spiked at an annualized rate of 84%… and are expected to increase another 20% in the coming year.

At the same time, the U.S. Government reports that X-31 prices have been cut almost threefold, dropping from $688 per kilogram to just $295 per kilogram.

And as reported by Wired Magazine, this is the first time in history that there is a semiconductor that is both lower cost and has a higher performance than silicon.

Dr. Bin Lu of MIT says:

“We are fabricating our advanced [X-31] transistors… at the cost of silicon. The cost is the same, but the performance is 100 times better.”

This sets up a phenomenal opportunity…

At the center of it all sits a tiny $7 company armed with 42 patents…

Could they deliver 22,500% like Qualcomm?

Could they surge 57,400% like Applied Materials?

Could they skyrocket 68,000% like Intel?

I’ll give you my 12-month target price in just a moment…

But first, let me show you why X-31 is so critical, TODAY, right now.

And let’s start with a device that’s become the center of modern society.

I’m talking about semiconductors.

As I mentioned, semiconductors are the brains of electronic devices. And for 30 years, silicon has been at the top of the semiconductor hierarchy.

However, after 30 years of packing more power into less space…

Silicon is reaching the end of the road…

And suddenly…

X-31 has emerged as the “GO-TO” semiconductor!

It’s up to 100 times faster than silicon.

It could be many times more powerful…

And now, it’s become cheaper than silicon in many cases.

Will the techies rename Silicon Valley?

I wouldn’t be surprised, because X-31 is opening the door to a whole new world.

Already, X-31 is weaving its magic, deeper and deeper into our lives.

It’s in our phones…

It’s in our TVs…

It’s in our computers…

And it’s seizing more market share from silicon every single day.

In fact, the biggest technology companies in the world are now embracing X-31…

  • Intel…
  • Google…
  • Apple…
  • Samsung…
  • And Microsoft.


Because they have no choice…

Look: Technology companies are in a highly competitive market.

To survive and thrive, they MUST offer better, faster, more powerful devices to their customers.

They are in a constant race to cram more power into less space.

Point is, if you can’t keep up, you are dead in the water.

Innovation is the only way to survive.

Let’s just take a closer look at one device…


The smartphone.

Listen: 20 years ago, phones were largely for making calls, along with some texting.

Today, “phone calls” ranks sixth in smartphone activity after things like texting, social media, web searches, and email.

Smartphones are at the center of modern society.

We run our lives from our phones.

Communication, yes. But so much more. Shopping, scheduling, emailing, social media, ordering food, on and on.

That takes BILLIONS of microscopic transistors – all inside your phone – all whirring along simultaneously.


Consequently, the heat inside a smartphone is extraordinary…

And silicon degrades at high temperatures.

Add a second ingredient to X-31, and it suddenly has a melting point of 4,300 degrees Fahrenheit!

In other words, it can handle smartphone heat without breaking a sweat.

And heat is just one issue.

Smartphones must be able to conduct multiple operations simultaneously…

Phone calls, emails, texts… yes.

But so much more.

Today, smartphones download tremendous amounts of data.

They stream videos. Upload photos. Play music.

Smartphones manage multiple social media platforms, as well as handle apps for everything from Uber, to weather, to Google searches.

This requires tremendous bandwidth…

And tremendous speed, power, and efficiency.

If you want to stay connected to the global wireless network…

If you want your calls to go through…

If you want to download data, and receive videos, and text, and use Twitter and Facebook…

Silicon just ain’t gonna cut it anymore.

You gotta have X-31!

Modern society will not be able to function without it.

We are at the very beginning of a tectonic, earth-moving transition…

As the technology world moves away from silicon, and into X-31…

Fortunes will be made…


And at the center of it all sits a tiny $7 company that’s about to become a household name.

The thing that makes this company so extraordinary is the vision…

Quite frankly, they remind me of Intel.

When Intel first emerged, mainframe computers like the massive ENIAC computer were still hot.

But instead of chasing the quick money in the mainframe market, Intel focused on the future.

In short, they developed and patented technology to manufacture silicon chips for personal computers.


And when the PC revolution ignited a few years later, Intel was ready.

And ultimately skyrocketed 68,000%.

This tiny $7 company has followed a similar path.

You see, instead of chasing quick money in the silicon market…

The founder of this tiny $7 company made a decision to focus on the future…

He turned his back on silicon right from the start…

Instead, he built the business around what we call X-31…

And now, this tiny $7 company has positioned itself as the gatekeeper to the new technology world.

You see, this tiny $7 company makes WAFERS from X-31.

Remember, wafers are the foundation of electronics.

For the last 30 years, the big chipmakers like Intel and Samsung have purchased silicon wafers, imprinted them with electronic circuits, and created silicon chips.

These silicon chips then serve as the brains of smartphones, computers, flat screen TVs, and every other device on the planet.

But silicon can’t get the job done anymore…

And as the $400 billion semiconductor market shifts away from silicon chips, and into X-31 chips, this tiny $7 company is in a DOMINANT POSITION.

In fact, they’ve built an impenetrable moat around their X-31 technology…

If a phone manufacturer like Apple needs X-31 to put in their smartphones… this tiny $7 company is standing at the ready…

If a computer manufacturer like Dell needs X-31 to put in their laptops, this tiny $7 company has the goods…

And if a chipmaker like Intel needs X-31 wafers to build their vast array of products… this tiny $7 company is willing and able!

Plus, they’ve got 42 patents protecting their intellectual property.

And make no mistake: This tiny $7 company’s expertise is flat-out STAGGERING.

The CEO is a physicist and a Ph.D.

The management team has 120 years of semiconductor experience.

Heck, their Client Support team alone has 7 Ph.D.’s among them!

Together, they’ve built a manufacturing infrastructure that is world-class.


In fact, they own what could be the BIGGEST X-31 manufacturing plant in the world…

A 300,000 square-foot state-of-the-art masterpiece.

At the same time, they’ve pioneered a proprietary manufacturing process that creates state-of-the-art X-31 wafers that put silicon to shame.

First, they combine raw X-31 with different ingredients, enhancing its capabilities, and making it heat-resistant.

Next, the X-31 compound is melted in a furnace at 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit…


The liquid X-31 is then poured into molds and cooled to form “ingots.”

These ingots are then sliced into paper-thin wafers.

The wafers are then shaped, polished, packaged, and shipped to end users who then imprint the wafers with circuits, thereby turning them into finished X-31 chips.

Bottom line: This tiny $7 company’s X-31 wafers are fast becoming the foundation of technology.

Remember, X-31 can be turned into two-dimensional materials, capable of speeds up to 100 times faster than silicon.

And this tiny $7 company’s wafers are already enhancing smartphones, computers, televisions, and just about any electronic device on the planet.

In addition, they are used in a variety of electronic and optoelectronic applications such as wireless and fiber-optic telecommunications, lasers, light-emitting diodes, and satellite solar cells.

At the same time, they’re opening the door to a whole world of mind-blowing applications.

Listen: I estimate there are over 47 trillion silicon chips floating around the world in computers, phones, and other devices.

Not a single one can do what this tiny $7 company’s X-31 chips can do.

As a result, this tiny $7 company has the biggest tech titans in the world banging on their door, desperate for a piece of X-31’s magic.

This tiny $7 company has already done business with over 300 customers – a virtual “Who’s Who” of technology giants, including:

  • U.S. Department of Defense…
  • Samsung…
  • AT&T…
  • Raytheon…
  • Hewlett-Packard…
  • Motorola…
  • Sony…
  • Siemens…
  • Nortel Networks…
  • And hundreds more!

And here’s the kicker…

This tiny $7 company has a dominant advantage that Intel never had…

An advantage that could make them the single biggest winner in the history of Silicon Valley.

You see, there’s another important difference between silicon and X-31 that I forgot to mention…

Silicon is easy to find in nature.

In fact, it’s the most abundant element on Earth after oxygen.

But X-31 is different.

While silicon makes up 27% of the Earth’s crust, X-31 makes up .002%…

In other words, X-31 is 27,000 times scarcer than silicon.

Most X-31 is a byproduct of bauxite manufacturing.

According to the U.S. Government, there has been ZERO X-31 produced in the United States since 1987.

Instead, it comes from places like Germany, Ukraine, and Asia.

Yet demand for X-31 is surging off the charts.

Going forward, it’s going to be needed in every phone, computer, TV, radar, and electronic device on the planet!

But ZERO production in the United States means X-31 is not easy to come by.

However, in a stroke of visionary genius, this tiny $7 company set up 10 off-shore joint ventures.

They are the ONE AND ONLY compound semiconductor company to have a direct source of raw X-31.

Think about that.

As the world demands more and more X-31…

This tiny $7 company has a soup-to-nuts supply chain that allows them to pump X-31 around the world to companies desperate to keep pace.

Of course, they can use the X-31 to make their own semiconductor products…

And they can also sell it to their competitors at a MASSIVE MARKUP!

Talk about dominant, iron-clad control of the X-31 market!

Is this a monopoly?

I wouldn’t go that far. But it’s pretty darn powerful…

And this brings us to the ultimate question:

How high can this tiny $7 stock go?

Initially, that depends on how big a slice of the $400 billion semiconductor market they can grab.

Remember, they have the biggest X-31 manufacturing plant in the world…

They have 42 patents protecting their intellectual property, including their proprietary X-31 chip-making process.

They’ve already done business with some of the biggest semiconductor end users in the world, including Raytheon, Motorola, ATT, Samsung, and Hewlett-Packard.

Given all that, could we expect them to grab a 5% market share?

Seems reasonable, right?

A 5% market share would give them annual revenues of $20 billion…

They’d still be a small company. Less than 1/10th the size of Apple.

Heck, $20 billion in revenue wouldn’t even put them in the top 500 companies in the world.

It’s a drop in the bucket.

Thing is, this tiny company currently generates $98 million in annual revenue.

So even a jump to a modest $20 billion would represent a 20,000% revenue surge for this tiny $7 company…

Yes. That’s right.

A 20,000% revenue spike!

And while there is no direct correlation, you can bet the stock price would skyrocket in the exact same direction.

Could the stock jump 20,000%?

Well, remember, Qualcomm jumped 22,500%…

Applied Materials bolted 57,400%…

And Intel soared 68,000%…

So, 20,000% might be on the low side.

Of course, as I’ve said before, history cannot predict the future. And these are rare and exceptional gains.

But look, I’m a very conservative guy.

I like to under-promise and over-deliver…

So let’s scale it back a bit.

Let’s see what happens if this tiny $7 company grabs just 1% of the semiconductor market.

Could they get 1%?

I think that’s a no-brainer…

Remember, this company has a dominant position.

They’ve got the biggest X-31-manufacturing facility in the world.

They’ve pioneered a proprietary X-31-manufacturing process that creates state-of-the-art microchips.

At the same time, this tiny $7 company has 42 patents protecting their intellectual property

And to top it off, they are the ONE AND ONLY chip maker with direct-access to raw X-31!

In fact, they’ve got 10 off-shore joint-ventures.

There hasn’t been any X-31 produced in the United States in over 30 years, so this is HUGE.

Now, let me ask you, when you add it all up…

Is it realistic that this tiny $7 company can grab a mere 1% of the market?

You better believe it.

At 1% of the current semiconductor market, that’d be $4 billion a year.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

And you’re right.

At $4 billion a year, they’d still be a tiny company!

In fact, they’d be less than 1/50th the size of Apple.

But here’s the thing…

This company currently has a mere $98 million in revenue.

While a jump to $4 billion seems insignificant, it would represent a 4,000% revenue surge for this tiny $7 company.

And it would leave it with a whole lot of room to grow…

I’m going to give you my 12-month price target in just a moment…

But first, let me just say:

We haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

In fact, we’re just getting to the best part!

Let me show you X-31’s historic, Nobel Prize-winning achievement.

And listen: If you’re reading this on your iPhone or flat screen monitor…

You’re probably staring at it right now!

That’s right.

Three scientists have been awarded a Noble Prize for creating a game-changing lighting technology called a Light-Emitting Diode.

Light-Emitting Diodes are what makes the backlighting on your phone screen or computer possible…

And it all comes down to X-31.

In fact, these geniuses figured out how to use X-31 to convert electricity into light.

Fundamentally, a light-emitting diode is two pieces of X-31 sandwiched together.

When electricity passes through the pieces of X-31, electrons move back and forth, creating light, virtually out of thin air.


No bulb or filament required!

Consequently, light-emitting diodes are incredibly durable. And they can be tiny – the size of a fleck of pepper.

At the same time, they emit very little heat.

This makes them perfect as backlights for smartphones, computer monitors, and flat screen TVs.

And backlighting is only the beginning…

Light-emitting diodes can last 25 times longer than traditional bulbs…

And at the same time, light-emitting diodes use up to 90% less energy than traditional bulbs, meaning they are much less expensive.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates light-emitting diodes will save the United States “$30 billion a year!”

And experts project that the global light-emitting diode market will hit $100 billion by 2024!”

As you probably guessed, the tiny $7 company I’ve been telling you about provides X-31 for light-emitting diodes.

That’s right.

Just like they’ve locked down the X-31 semiconductor market…

They’ve got an iron-fist grip on the light-emitting-diode market as well.

And you can be sure, this is going to add big bucks to the tiny $7 company’s bottom line…

Make no mistake: We could see this tiny $7 company soaring up to $14… $21… $28… even $56 before it even gets warmed up.

How high could it ultimately go?

I’ll give you my 12-month price target in a moment. I’ll also show you how to get the details on this play early BEFORE it doubles, triples, quadruples, or more…

But wait a second!

Because as I’ll show you, this tiny $7 company does so much more than semiconductors and light-emitting diodes.

I’m talking about ushering in highly-advanced technology that can’t work without X-31 chips and components.

Just listen to a few of these applications:

  • Defense and Military Technology: The United States Military is moving away from silicon fast, and into X-31 for its radars, electronic warfare devices, jamming systems, and missiles. In fact, defense titan Raytheon just invested $150 million into one version of X-31 for its weapons and radar systems. And X-31 lies at the heart of Boeing’s GPS-satellite systems.
  • LIDAR: If you haven’t heard of LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) you soon will. It’s a breakthrough remote sensing technology that uses light to measure distance. In addition to autonomous vehicles, it’s being used by the agricultural industry, NASA, and the U.S. Department of Defense. None of that would be possible without X-31.
  • Solar Power is benefiting as well: Silicon has traditionally been the foundation of solar panels. But X-31 just broke the world record for solar efficiency, nearly DOUBLE that of silicon! Solar is currently a $161 billion industry and growing at twice the rate of the U.S. economy. X-31 stands to reap huge rewards!
  • Space Exploration: X-31 is going to power space exploration, and has already been instrumental in a NASA mission to Mars! Bloomberg says space exploration is going to be a $1 trillion industry, and this tiny $7 company is positioned to soar!

Let me say it again: We’re just scratching the surface. Look at all the ways X-31 is impacting modern society…

Facial Recognition…

Augmented Reality…

Quantum Computers…

Hypersonic Airplanes…

On and on and on.

Absolutely amazing, and the list gets longer by the day.

How big could this tiny $7 company get?

Well, remember, they own the biggest X-31 semiconductor factory on the planet

They have pioneered a proprietary process that creates state-of-the-art X-31 microchips that put silicon to shame…

They have 42 patents protecting their intellectual property

And they are the one and only X-31 chipmaker with a direct source of X-31.

Remember, X-31 is already disrupting massive markets…

  • The $400 billion semiconductor market…
  • The $100 billion light-emitting-diode market…
  • The $160 billion solar market…
  • The expected $37 billion wireless-power market…
  • The projected $13 billion military-radar market…
  • And the potential $1 trillion space-exploration market.

Not to mention, X-31 is opening up entirely new markets that could be HUGE.

When you add it all up, this tiny $7 company could easily become a $45 billion company, even if they only grab 1% of the opportunity in question.

And because this company currently has a mere $98 million in revenues, an increase to $45 billion would be a 45,818% revenue surge.

Could the stock make a 45,000% jump?

Well, remember, Applied Materials climbed 57,400%….

And Intel skyrocketed 68,000%…

So could this tiny $7 company jump 45,000%?

Well, it’s been possible for other companies before…

But listen: As I said, I’m a conservative guy…

I’ve built a global following by under-promising and over-delivering…

So, I’m not going to predict a 45,000% gain.

Instead, I’m going to throw out all the revenue sources, with the exception of semiconductors.

That’s the bread-and-butter of this tiny $7 company, so let’s just play it safe.

If this tiny $7 company captures just 1% of the $400 billion semiconductor market…

They’d have $4 billion in annual revenues…

Still a very small company – less than 1/50th the size of Apple…

That’d be a 4,000% revenue surge.

Will the stock match that?

I’m confident. But let’s double-confirm by using the tried-and-true Price-to-Sales method, a staple of the technology industry.

Plugging in $4 billion to the Price/Sales Ratio method…

And using the company’s current P/S ratio of 2.7…

We then divide by outstanding shares of 39.8 million…

That gives us a target price of $281 a share.

That’s just over a 4,000% gain.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

And you’re right.

That’s a fraction of Micron’s 25,800% gain…

It’s a fraction of Applied Materials’ 57,400% surge…

And it’s about 1/20th of Intel’s 68,000% gain.

But here’s the thing: This is a conservative estimate. And it’s a 12-month target price.

I’d rather under-promise, and have you thrilled if the stock turns into the biggest semiconductor win of all time.

Besides, I think you’re gonna be happy either way.

And let me be clear:

Time is of the essence!

At this moment, this tiny $7 company is preparing a major announcement that could send their share price into orbit.

I can’t confirm the details of the release, but I can tell you this:

Intel has a history of buying up tiny companies in an effort to maintain control of the rapidly changing industry.

For example, in 2017, Intel bought Mobile-Eye for $15.3 billion.

Also, in 2015, Intel paid $16.7 billion for Altera.

Now that silicon is fading fast… and X-31 is claiming market share… I wouldn’t be surprised to see Intel gobble up this tiny $7 company, fast.

In short, a takeover bid could be on the horizon!

Bottom line: This is exactly the kind of thing that could drive this tiny $7 stock up to $14… $21… even $28 in the blink of an eye.

Already, insiders are swarming, they’ve grabbed up 70% of available shares alongside institutions.

In other words, two out of every three shares are already gone!

Deutsche Bank and J.P. Morgan are on board. And Citibank is so hot for this tiny $7 company, they just ramped up their holdings by 4,370%!

In the coming weeks, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the likes of BlackRock begging for shares at $14… $21… even $28 a share.

But why pay $28 next week… when you can get in today for $7 a share?

In an effort to show you how to get in early, on the ground floor…

I’ve prepared an Exclusive Dossier that will give you all the details on the tiny $7 company that’s poised for an explosive 4,000% price surge.

It’s titled, Harness the Shape-Shifting Smart Metal for 4,000% Gains!

This Dossier can be yours, absolutely free.

Of course, because of the secret nature of this opportunity, and because the $7 company is tiny…

I need to restrict the circulation of this Dossier.

I’ve authorized a limited release today of 500 copies.

And once they’re gone, they’re gone.

I wish I could broadcast this opportunity to the world. But too many people rushing in all at once could spoil the play.

Consequently, I’m only granting Dossier access to Members of my investment research service, Radical Technology Profits.

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You see, I’ve been in Silicon Valley for 34 years…

And I’ve developed an extensive Rolodex that includes the most successful technology innovators of our time.

I’m on a first-name basis with Nobel Prize-winners… billionaire CEOs… high-flying venture capitalists.

These connections typically translate into big wins for folks who follow my recommendations.

For example, take a look at what happened in 2013 with Bitcoin, the digital currency.

Most people dismissed Bitcoin as too exotic…

But look at what just a few early Bitcoin investors had to say:

“We are fabricating our advanced [X-31] transistors… at the cost of silicon. The cost is the same, but the performance is 100 times better.”

-Aaron G.

I’m officially a millionaire, you changed my life!”

-Charlie S.

“I recently spent $1,000 to buy Bitcoin. They were recently worth $1.2 million.”

-Jared K.

“I’m up about $1.4 million!”

-Lorenzo P.

I was behind closed doors with the CEOs, founders, and VCs who were responsible for pushing Bitcoin into the headlines and knew the potential at hand, just like those early investors.

At the time, Bitcoin traded for $90…

In late 2017, it hit $20,089!

A staggering 22,300% potential gain for folks who listened to me and got in at the start.

Incredible, right?

But it’s not the only time I’ve shown my readers big wins.

In fact, in 2016, I made an announcement that rocked Silicon Valley…

I stated that every American needs to go “all in on marijuana.”

Look: I didn’t care that it was illegal on a federal level. I didn’t care that a lot of people saw it as taboo. None of that mattered.

This was about making money. Plain and simple.

And I had recently met with one of the most influential “behind the scenes” power brokers in the marijuana business today.

He confirmed venture capital money was ready to roar into this industry.

So in September 2016, I released a special report with all my research on 30 pot stocks to some of my subscribers.

In the months that followed, every single one of them hit peak positive gains.

In fact, 17 soared into triple digits. For example:

InMed Pharmaceuticals… 617% in about four months.

General Cannabis Corp… 642% in a month and a half.

Cannagrow… 456% in the same amount of time.

Mentor Capital shot up as much as 1,828% in less than six months.

And I’m confident the tiny $7 company I’m recommending today could deliver similar returns.

Over the years, this has happened again and again.

As the Director of Technology and Venture Capital Research, I, along with my team here at Money Morning, have led readers to hundreds of double-digit wins and hundreds of triple-digit scores on plays across every sector, including peak gains of:

  • 818% on Pharmacyclics…
  • 629% on Celldex…
  • 396% on NetQin…
  • 314% on FleetCor Technologies…
  • 543% on Westport Innovations…
  • 361% on Inovio…
  • 504% on Gilead, and…
  • 345% on Aegerion.

And as you can imagine, folks who’ve listened to me are thrilled.

For example, Bob Kreen of St. Louis, Missouri multiplied his entire wealth many times over.

“Since joining a year ago, I’ve tripled my net worth!”

Alvin Canone was thrilled with his results.

“Michael, you have doubled my money!”

And Carter Roberts cashed in six figures in just one calendar year.

“I made approximately $125,000!

As you can see, people who follow my recommendations have made fortunes.

At Radical Technology Profits, we love having the chance to hit these kind of triple-digit scores. And I don’t mind telling you: I’m very proud of our success.

But the opportunity I’m tracking today is on a whole new level.

Quite frankly, the tiny $7 company I’m recommending offers phenomenal upside potential… maybe the biggest I’ve ever seen.

Remember, silicon changed the world, and ignited a technological revolution.

It’s responsible for all the fantastical devices we now take for granted, from smartphones to computers to TVs and beyond…

But silicon has reached the outer limits of its capabilities.

And it can no longer meet the accelerating demands of modern technology…

But X-31 can.

One MIT professor calls X-31 the “new silicon” and says it offers a “once in a lifetime opportunity.”

  • X-31 can be up to 100 times faster than silicon…
  • It’s up to 6,000 times better…
  • It can withstand extreme heat without melting down…
  • And it can create light virtually out of thin air.

Already, every major technology company on the planet – from Intel to Apple to Samsung – are infusing their products with tiny bits of X-31’s magic.

We are at the very beginning of a whole new revolution that will create millionaires, billionaires, and even the world’s first trillionaire.

And while silicon created $15 trillion in wealth in 30 years, I believe X-31 will cram extraordinary wealth creation into the next 18 months.

And that’s just from existing technologies.

X-31 is also opening the door to technologies that have never before been possible.

At the center of this tectonic shift sits a tiny $7 company with a DOMINANT POSITION in the X-31 market.

They’ve got the largest X-31 manufacturing facility on the planet…

They’ve pioneered a proprietary manufacturing process that creates state-of-the-art X-31 semiconductors that put silicon to shame…

They’ve got 42 patents protecting their intellectual property…

And consequently, they’ve got over 300 customers banging on their door for X-31’s enhanced power!

In fact, they’ve already done business with some of the biggest tech players in the game, including: Raytheon, Samsung, Motorola, Siemens, Hewlett-Packard, and the U.S. Department of Defense!

And here’s the kicker:

They are the ONE AND ONLY compound semiconductor company to have a direct source of X-31.

Remember, there has been ZERO X-31 produced in the U.S. since 1987…

Yet demand is soaring…

And this tiny $7 company has a soup-to-nuts supply chain that allows them to pump X-31 around the world to companies desperate to keep pace.

Of course, they can use the X-31 to make their own semiconductor products…

And they can also sell it to their competitors at a MASSIVE MARKUP!

Talk about a dominant, iron-clad control of the X-31 market!

Is this a monopoly?

I wouldn’t go that far. But it’s pretty darn powerful…

And this brings us to the ultimate question:

How high can this tiny $7 stock go?

Even if they use all these advantages to grab just 1% of the semiconductor market, they’d see revenues of $4 billion.

And while that’s still small – about 1/50th the size of Apple – it would give this company a staggering 4,000% revenue surge.

Using the Price-to-Sales projection method, I am giving this tiny $7 company a 12-month target price of $281…

That’s right in line with the revenue surge… a 4,000% gain.

Not only has this company passed my evaluation process with flying colors…

I am recommending it with an “URGENT BUY” rating.

Remember, the tiny companies that drove the silicon revolution generated staggering gains…

And the tiny $7 company I’m tracking today could put those wins to shame.

Momentum is growing at a dizzying clip.

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You can own this tiny company today for a fraction of what it’s really worth…

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That’s right… you keep everything.

  • But you must act now because this tiny $7 company is on the verge of an epic run…
  • Early investors saw a 25,800% gain on Micron…
  • A 57,400% gain on Applied Materials…
  • And a 68,000% gain on Intel.

This tiny $7 could be the biggest win of all…

But you need to move fast.

At this moment, this tiny $7 company is preparing a major announcement that could send their share price into orbit.

Intel is notorious for buying up tiny companies that bolster their supply chain, and a takeover bid could be imminent.

Already, insiders have grabbed up 70% of available shares alongside institutions.

In other words, two out of every three shares are already gone!

And this deal could close any day now.

Deutsche Bank and J.P. Morgan are on board. And Citigroup is so hot for this tiny $7 company, they just ramped up their holding by 4,370%!

In the coming weeks, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the likes of BlackRock begging for shares at $14… $21… even $28 a share.

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