14 Publications and News Sources to Get Into Radical Technology Profits


Are you interested in technology profits? If so, you need a gameplan to make the most of your profits. Following publications and news sources can speed up the process and alert you to potential plays before other investors catch wind.

Let’s look at some of the best publications and news sources in the world for technology profits and tech stocks.

1. Bloomberg


We can’t talk about investing publications and technology profits without mentioning Bloomberg. The company’s reporters provide up-to-the-minute commentary with information from top analysts and speculators.

You’ll find information on stocks, futures, and more all around the world, and you can drill down on charts and other assets by selecting tech stocks as your sector. Bloomberg can help you make technology profits by providing information about key catalysts that might impact specific stocks’ or indexes’ future performance.

That said, it’s not the ideal source of technology profits information. Like everyone else, you have to root for the information you want, and especially with speculative stocks, every second counts.


When you mention a phrase like “stock news,” you’re probably going to hear someone else say, CNBC. It’s the go-to news source, both online and on television, for information about the stock market. While CNBC covers individual stocks — often of the blue chip variety — it also covers the stock market as a whole and the performances of various indexes.

It’s a great place to learn about earnings winners, fundamentals, and news catalysts. Of course, you can also track any of the tech stocks you’re interested in by entering its ticker symbol at CNBC.com. It has its own special place for tech stocks and news, which you can find in the header navigation.

3. Money Morning

While Money Morning doesn’t focus exclusively on technology profits or tech stocks, it’s still a treasure trove of information for new and veteran investors alike. I contribute regularly to this publication, but apart from that, it’s still one of my favorite places to research various stocks and investment strategies.

Many of you might not need an introduction to Money Morning. For those that do, it’s a group publication with some of the best analysts and speculators in the world as contributors. You get the full range of commentary, from trade ideas to trending stock picks. Bookmark this news source to help fuel your investment career and to accelerate your technology profits.

4. US News Money

US News Money is a segment of the publication that provides much of the news on the internet: US News and World Report. US News Money is dedicated to investing and personal financing, both of which can help you become a better investor.

Use US News Money to find tech stocks that interest you and to hear from experts how you can advance your technology profits. It’s a little more cluttered visually than Bloomberg, but it’s still packed with information if you’re willing to use the handy search bar.

5. The Verge

Believe it or not, you can find information about how to make technology profits from publications that have nothing to do with investing, per se. The Verge, originally founded to cover technology, art, culture, and science, now covers even more categories. It’s great for conducting fundamental research.

You might learn about a new product that has been invented for a digital camera or smartphone. Start researching the company that made the product and figure out if it’s worth your investment. Remember that tech stocks aren’t all about Apple and Microsoft. You can make radical technology profits from smaller outfits because they often enjoy greater volatility.

6. Reuters

One of the best news sources for tech stocks is Reuters. This publication has been around forever and used the internet medium to produce more information than you could possibly take in daily. However, drilling down on technology profits makes your time well spent.

I’m particularly drawn to the innovation section under the tech heading. It’s a great place to find those small but up-and-coming companies that are hungry and passionate about their work. You’ll often find that a single catalyst, such a switch-up in the C-suite, can cause a major spike in one of these tech stocks.

7. Science Daily

This is another news source that doesn’t deal with technology profits directly. It’s not centered around investing. However, it covers lots of micro information about technology companies that you can use to find potentially profitable tech stocks.

Basically, it’s a database of the most high-end research available. By digging into the stacks, so to speak, you can unearth information about companies that are about to become major players in the tech sector. Science Daily should be on your list of bookmarks.

8. TechCrunch

You’ll find tons of information about tech startups in TechCrunch, which makes it the ideal place to look for new companies that are currently trading well below what they’ll eventually be worth. Of course, you have to be willing to do your research off-site and check in with professional traders like myself.

Earning technology profits is all about taking advantage of huge spikes that nobody else sees coming. When I’m advising subscribers of my various publications, I lead them toward startups as well as established businesses because my experience and research tells me when one is set to break resistance.

9. TechRadar

A lot of people confuse TechCrunch and TechRadar. The latter focuses on the consumer side of tech. In other words, what great new innovations should the early adopters pick up?

Again, this is key to research if you want to benefit from technology profits. Look into not only the companies that are making the end product, but also those that create the various parts used to construct it.

10. Kiplinger

Kiplinger is great if you want to track specific indexes or if you’re focused on a particular sector, such as tech stocks. It’s an easy-to-search publication that allows you to get emails delivered to your inbox if you want.

Visit Kiplinger when you want to learn about broad market updates or a potential new source of technology profits. It’s also a handy way to keep up with the latest trends in tech and other sectors.

11. MarketWatch

As the name implies, MarketWatch is all about the various markets around the world. It’s heavily devoted to stock information, and you can limit your searches and explorations to tech stocks specifically.

12. Yahoo! Finance

Think of Yahoo! Finance as MarketWatch Lite. It’s not quite as in-depth, but it does connect a lot of breaking news to the stock market, which can be helpful in fundamental analysis. When you’re chasing technology profits, you’ll want to keep an eye on Yahoo!

13. The Motley Fool

If you have any experience in investing at all, you’ve visited The Motley Fool at least once — and preferably every day. It’s a constant source of technical and fundamental information that you don’t want to dismiss.

It’s perfect for finding earnings winners and losers, pre-market and after-market information, and news about tech stocks from around the globe. You just have to filter out the information you don’t want because there’s a lot to go through.

14. Radical Technology Profits

As one of my publications, Radical Technology Profits deserves space on this list. I work hard every day to make sure my subscribers receive up-to-the-minute information about tech stocks. I want them to remain informed and to make considerable returns on their investments.

In many cases, I’m focused on a particular innovation in the tech field so my subscribers can benefit from it. I also share information about various tech stocks that I know are about to disrupt the industry. Subscribe today if you want to benefit from Radical Technology Profits.


There you have it! Fourteen different publications and news sources for technology profits. From pure news to speculation, from information about technology advancements to information about specific stocks, you’ll find it all on this list.
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