4 Times Michael Robinson’s Investment Expertise Succeeded


I’m Michael Robinson, the investor and tech expert behind Nova-X Report and several other publications.  I’ve had quite a few successes over the years that have not only helped me grow my net worth, but have also helped thousands of other people succeed in the stock market and with other securities.

My strategic tech investor approach to the stock market has proved useful in myriad ways, and sometimes beyond the tech industry. Today, I want to highlight some of the ways in which my predictions and recommendations have succeeded for myself and for my subscribers.

1. Michael Robinson: Investor Who Showed Subscribers How to Hit Nearly 1,000 Percent Gains


My original newsletter, American Wealth Underground, was a resounding success almost from the beginning. During that time, I successfully predicted the earth mineral crisis and passed on that information to my readers.

Because of that tip, my readers achieved 990 percent gains on their investments. Those gains made many of my subscribers extremely wealthy in just six months, which goes to show how short-term investing can result in massive profits.

Strategic tech investors like myself are constantly looking for the next big thing, but we’re also looking for solutions that just don’t work anymore. For instance, I’ve recently written about the “death” of silicon and the rise of X-31 as the next major product to revolutionize the tech industry.

However, I don’t want you to just think of me as Michael Robinson, the investor. I also want you to think of me as someone who doesn’t mind sharing what I’ve learned with my subscribers. If I think I can profit off a play, I’ll share it with you.

One trading tip with a 990 percent gain isn’t the only thing in my bag of tricks. I’ve consistently helped my subscribers bank double- and triple-digit gains over the years, and their messages to me prove that my tactics don’t just work for me. They work for other people too.

2. Michael Robinson: Investor Who Helped Make Millionaires Off Bitcoin

I saw cryptocurrency becoming huge long before other investors starting shouting from the rooftops. In the beginning, many people thought Bitcoin and its relatives would slowly disappear, that it was too complicated and insecure to draw much attention.

Look where we are now.

As of 2018, a single Bitcoin is worth nearly $7,000. That’s a huge jump from its meager beginnings in the single digits, which means that people who listened to my prediction and went into the Forex market with a long position got a huge payday.

If you want to know what the next big thing is in Forex, pay attention to my publications. I always have my ear to the ground, and I don’t keep my predictions to myself. I share them with people who can profit from those trades.

3. Michael Robinson: Investor Who Recommended Early Entry for Marijuana Stocks

This might be a controversial issue for some, but when states began legalizing marijuana, both for medicinal and recreational purposes, I urged my subscribers to start buying up stock in marijuana companies. It seemed obvious to me, but many refuted my claims with disbelief.

I’m Michael Robinson, the investor who told everyone to invest in weed.

Those who listened made serious gains not long after.

In states that have legalized marijuana, we’re seeing tremendous decreases in the number of opioid overdose deaths — some by as much as 25 percent. As the benefits of legalizing marijuana become more obvious to lobbyists and politicians, we’ll likely see an even greater resurgence than what has happened thus far.

That will give us even more opportunities to profit from pot stocks in the future. Paying attention to the major players in the game, especially those with lots of volume and volatility, will help strategic tech investors figure out ways to profit from marijuana stocks.

4. Michael Robinson: Investor Behind the Ethereum 5-5-7 Combo

When you find something that works, you stick with it. That’s been my philosophy from the very beginning because I don’t like to reinvent the wheel. Plus, if I give up on something that works and try something different, I might lose.

That’s the case with my Ethereum 5-5-7 combo.

It’s relatively simple, but there’s a lot of math behind it. Ethereum is poised to take over digital currency, with celebrities and politicians alike backing it. I developed the 5-5-7 combo, which involves making five trades over five months and banking a potential seven figures.

Sounds like a win, right? It is.

Over the years, I’ve helped readers bank on investments in companies like Airbnb, Uber, and Facebook. My background gives me unique insight into what will become the next big thing, and I want my readers to profit as much off those opportunities as possible.

Michael Robinson, Investor: Conclusion

My brand as Michael Robinson, an investor with decades of experience in the tech industry, has given me unique opportunities to predict and influence the market. That’s a great thing for you.

Learning from me instead of conducting the research on your own can make you a more profitable strategic tech investor, and I’m hoping you’ll join me as I continue to send out alerts for profitable trades that have the potential to pad your bank account by a significant margin.

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