How to Benefit From Michael A. Robinson’s Success


From creating Nova-X Report to predicting the pot stock ride, I’ve spent most of my career building on what I see coming versus what’s already occurring. That’s why many people feel drawn to the Michael A. Robinson brand. I’ve made a name for myself by being right about where the market is headed.

As a veteran of Silicon Valley, I’m very much immersed in tech stocks, but that’s not all I do. In fact, I’ve created an empire around my knowledge of the stock market and other investable securities that has helped innumerable people reach their financial goals.

I’d like to do that for you, too.

I’ve been successful in many areas of business, but the Michael A. Robinson system doesn’t exist unless people follow it. I’m just glad that they do.

I’ll give you a brief run-down on who I am, then explore the ways in which you can benefit from my success.

Who Is Michael A. Robinson?


If you’ve never encountered me before, you might already be asking, “Who is Michael A. Robinson?” That’s valid.

I spent more than 30 years in Silicon Valley and have become a well-respected technology financial analyst. I consult with both people and businesses, sit on advisory boards for venture capital firms, and am the author of “Overdrawn: The Bailout of American Savings.”

I served as the editor of financial newsletter American Wealth Underground and created a following for the Michael A. Robinson brand. I was the first financial analyst to talk publicly about the very real rare earth mineral crisis, and my subscribers benefited by profiting 990% in less than two years.

I’m now the creator of Nova-X Report and other publications at Money Map Press. My goal is to teach people how to make profitable investments.

Subscribe to Strategic Tech Investor

One way to benefit from the Michael A. Robinson brand is to subscribe to Strategic Tech Investor. It’s my free newsletter, which you’ll receive from Shah Gilani, and contains tons of interesting information for investors.

Strategic Tech Investor is a weekly newsletter in which I include at least one hot stock tip. You don’t want to miss out. I also share breaking news — sometimes news that nobody else knows about — and provide commentary on the overall tech stock landscape.

My newsletter isn’t like some of the others you might have subscribed to in the past. I’m not pumping stocks for pay or otherwise financially benefiting from the tips I share with you. It’s all straight talk, direct from Michael A. Robinson, so you know I have no trouble putting my name on it.

Subscribe to Nova-X Report

I also recommend subscribing to Nova-X Report. This is where I share Deal Briefings, Special Reports, and Trade Alerts, all of which are worth many times what I charge for them. You get access to the archive of past videos and newsletters, and you’ll be able to watch my real-time videos in which I analyze business meetings and potential profit ideas.

One of the great things about Michael A. Robinson’s Nova-X Report is that you get texts when I post new information. You don’t have to worry about sitting by your computer all day, afraid you might miss an opportunity.

Since most of us carry our phones wherever we go, you’ll always have access to the information I share at Nova-X HQ. Many of my subscribers have made four, five, and even six figures through Nova-X Report, and I’m proud to count this publication as part of the Michael A. Robinson brand.

Subscribe to Radical Technology Profits

I also have a newsletter called Radical Technology Profits. It focuses specifically on the tech sector, so it’s ideal if you want to benefit from tech stocks in your portfolio. I was among the first people to talk about investing in ethereum, and I’ve also used Radical Technology Profits to share my best stock picks across the entire tech industry.

Tech stocks are an incredible opportunity for anyone who wants to grow their wealth quickly. I called the publication Michael A. Robinson’s Radical Technology Profits because the profits really can be radical.

The tech industry moves quickly, as you probably know if you’ve been following it, which means that there’s tons of volatility and volume in tech stocks. The needle’s always moving, and I share with my subscribers how I spot patterns for the best stock market plays. If you’ve ever thought, “I wish I could learn from Michael A. Robinson,” this is your chance.

Read Money Morning

You might not know that I’m also a contributor to Money Morning. I’ve written lots of articles about tech stocks, investing in general, pot stocks, and more. Not only do I share my observations and insights, but I also tell you about great moves to make if you want to profit quickly.

The Michael A. Robinson brand has revolved around teaching others what I’ve learned. I could easily just take my profits and slide into retirement, but that’s not how I work. I love the stock market and the financial industry too much to simply let go, so I’ve turned my attention to educating others.


I’ve built the Michael A. Robinson brand from scratch, and I’m proud of the people who follow my advice and take home handsome profits. That’s what it’s all about.

If you want to learn from my success, my publications and other writings are the easiest ways to go. I also occasionally appear on television and online to talk about the stock market, tech stocks, and pot stocks but the internet puts everything in your hands.

Subscribe to Nova-X Report today if you’re interested in learning from me, Michael A. Robinson. I promise to send you text alerts so you don’t miss a thing, and I’m very careful about what I share because I want, more than anything, for you to succeed. Join me now so you don’t miss out on an incredible opportunity.

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