Michael A. Robinson: How to Recover From a Financial Crisis


There are two types of financial crises. The first happens to everyone, including me, Michael A. Robinson. The stock market takes a huge hit, housing prices fall sharply, and jobs become scarce. That’s perhaps the scariest form of financial crisis.

During my time writing my Strategic Tech Investor and Nova-X Report newsletters, I have also been confronted by personal financial crises. You lose your job, your house goes into foreclosure, you’re drowning in credit card debt. These personal crises deserve just as much attention because you have to find a way to crawl back out.

Who Is Michael A. Robinson?


I’m Michael A. Robinson, and one of my goals in life is to help others reclaim their wealth, build upon it, and sustain high net worths. My Michael A. Robinson newsletters do just that, but I also share financial advice on tech stocks and other matters here on my blog.

Today, I’m going to talk about financial crises and how you can recover from them without any lasting damage. I’ll cover both types of financial crises, as I mentioned above, and show you how I managed to profit from the stock market and other securities when the 2008 financial crisis hit. Believe it or not, you can do the same.

How Do Financial Crises Work?

“Overdrawn: The Bailout of American Savings” by Michael A. Robinson is a book I wrote about the financial crisis. It takes a hard look at why these patterns persist and how companies and individuals should act.

A financial crisis doesn’t often spring out of thin air. It’s always more of a slow burn. Small things snowball until they’re out of control and suddenly, you’re trying to find a buyer for a short sale on your home.

If you’re watchful, you can see a financial crisis building months or even years before it reaches its peak of disaster. The best way to recover is to avoid it entirely, but the next best thing is to deconstruct what caused it and reverse-engineer a way out of the hole.

I profited during the savings and loan crisis. So did many other top investors, including those who subscribe to my Michael A. Robinson publications. You can do the same by shorting stocks, looking for the earnings winners, and dissecting financial reports.

How Do You Get Out of a Financial Crisis?

When you’re in the midst of a financial crisis, you might struggle to think clearly. You have to separate your emotions from your finances. Just as you should never buy a stock for emotional reasons, neither should you approach your budget and expenses from an excited frame of mind.

The best way to get out of a financial crisis is to look for solutions you might not otherwise consider. For instance, maybe you can invest in tech stocks or some other security with some money you’ve squirreled away. Perhaps you can even borrow money, invest it, pay it back, and continue growing your wealth through my Michael A. Robinson publications.

There’s always a solution. It might take some rebuilding, but you’ll get back what you’ve lost if you’re unemotional, logical, and diligent about your pursuit of wealth.

What Can You Do About Debt?

Debt is a four-letter word. That’s important. The more debt you accumulate, the more you have to lose.

Car payments, mortgages, and credit cards can quickly get out of control if you leverage more than you can pay back. Preserving your net worth is a lot like growing it. When you put your money in bad investments, you can expect to take a loss — maybe a big one.

If you’re in financial crisis, start by relieving yourself of debt. You might have to declare bankruptcy, sell your biggest assets, and scrimp for a while. Let that period of breaking out of debt serve as a lesson. You don’t want to put yourself in that position again.

Who Benefits From Financial Crises?

A financial crisis isn’t really that much different from the stock market. When you win, someone else loses, and vice versa.

Certain companies and individuals benefit from a financial crisis. For instance, bars and restaurants often flourish because people want to drink their worries away. Credit management companies gain more customers, movie theaters gain business from people who need the distraction, and thrift stores do more business than ever previously.

If you know who benefits from a financial crisis, you can invest in those companies and make money. It’s all about asset allocation. Bet on the winners.

You Have Access to Information

Whether you’re attempting to profit during a financial crisis or you’re trying to dig yourself out of one, you have resources at your disposal. The Michael A. Robinson publications are a great place to start. I provide actionable, useful information to help you build and grow your net worth.

If you choose not to avail yourself of financial resources, you do yourself a disservice. Maybe the solution isn’t selling everything you own. Maybe it’s putting a portion of your paycheck into the stock market so you can grow your money and use it to get back on your feet.


A financial crisis can be terrifying. I know because I’ve seen people struggle, fall, fail, and pick themselves back up again. It’s a horrible thing to go through, but you can recover.

Just ask subscribers of any Michael A. Robinson publication. They know because they’ve witnessed it firsthand and benefited from my guidance.

You have resources available, and you can make your finances workable. It might take time, and you might have to think critically about odd solutions.

If you’re in a financial crisis right now, or if you want to prevent one in the future, subscribe to Radical Technology Profits. It’s a publication that focuses on tech stocks and the next big thing, so you’re sure to profit in no time.

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