What Does a Certified Financial Advisor Do?


In the heavily regulated financial industry, people can’t simply claim to be experts in finance, investing, or any other related area. They need experience, a proven track record of success, and certification. This is especially true with a certified financial advisor.

When people talk about certified financial advisors, they often mean certified financial planners or CFPs. These professionals are credentialed by the CFP Board and must participate in continuing education throughout their careers.

Certified financial advisors can have other distinctions, and it’s important to understand how these experts operate to determine if you need to hire one. .


What Is a Certified Financial Advisor?

A certified financial advisor is a finance professional who has received some type of certification from a governing body. They typically advise their clients on investing, saving, tracking, and preserving their wealth.

However, that doesn’t mean certified financial advisors are only for the rich. Many people hire advisors to manage their retirement accounts or to set up trusts for their family members or a favorite charity.

It’s important to keep in mind that the designation CFA does not stand for certified financial advisor. Instead, it refers to chartered financial analysts, who are among the most respected professionals in the finance industry. The key difference being that these experts tend to lend their services to financial institutions rather than individual clients.

What Services Do Certified Financial Advisors Offer?

A certified financial advisor, depending upon their area of expertise, typically helps people manage their money more effectively. They might provide investment advice, help their clients set up savings accounts, or provide information on preparing for retirement.

Some attorneys also offer these services, which are often entangled with estate planning and other similar services. Whether you need an attorney, a financial advisor, or both depends on the complexity of your estate, your net worth, and your investment goals.

A certified financial planner is perhaps the most common type of certified financial advisor. These professionals help individuals and small businesses with insurance matters, investments, and similar pursuits. They could specialize in personal banking, investing, estate planning, or other specific areas of finance. If you’re going to hire one, make sure he or she has the background necessary to help you make the right decisions about your money.

Do You Need a Certified Financial Advisor?

You might need to hire a certified financial advisor if you have a great deal of wealth, want to invest in your future, or have questions about estate planning. You can often find these professionals at your own bank as typically, they work with clients to set up investment accounts and to manage their money as effectively as possible.

Certified financial advisors can have multiple agendas, though. They sell financial products, for instance, which means that they benefit financially if you follow their advice. If that conflict of interest leaves you unsettled, you might consider going another route.

What Are the Alternatives?

Attorneys, as mentioned above, provide alternatives to certified financial advisors. A lawyer might charge more for his or her services, but you avoid the potential conflicts of interest and gain advice from both a fiduciary and legal point of view.

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If you’re going to subscribe to a publication like Nova-X Report, you want to make sure the author has sufficient experience and expertise to deliver on promises. In other words, does the expert have a proven track record in the stock market? Can he or she share testimonials from satisfied subscribers? If not, look elsewhere.

Can You Manage Your Own Money and Investments?

You can always manage your own money by yourself. There are tons of resources and tools available to help you do everything from setting up a retirement account to establishing a trust. You might need certified financial advisors or attorneys to help you with parts of the process, but you’ll spend less money if you do the majority of it on your own.

Certified financial advisors exist because many consumers don’t want to learn how to manage their money on their own. They would rather have someone else invest for them than make trading decisions for themselves.

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There’s no rule that says everyone has to hire certified financial advisors to manage their money. If you will feel more confident knowing you have an expert to advise you, , there’s also nothing wrong with hiring one.Just make sure you do your research, ask for references, and check credentials. Professionals in the finance industry are subject to many rules, including strict ethics, and if you turn over your financial planning or investment decisions to someone without those credentials, you could lose your money.

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