Marijuana Investing Will Still Produce Big Profits in 2017

By any measure, 2016 was a great year – a watershed, in fact – for the tech- and pharma-heavy cannabis niche. For instance, ever since Sept. 2, when I sent my Nova-X Report subscribers the 30 pot stock recommendations in my “weed investors’ bible,” The Roadmap to Marijuana Millions, we’ve seen incredible gains all across the market sector. And[…]

Despite What This “King” Says, Trump’s Plan Will Inflate These Tech Plays

The market has had a blistering run since Nov. 8 – with the Dow Jones Industrial Average up 9% — but plenty of the “experts” on Wall Street are pessimistic about Donald Trump’s effect on tech stocks. These folks believe that Trump’s tough trade stance will hurt tech because the big global players manufacture many[…]

This Year’s Hottest Toy Is Full of AI

We’ve been talking a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) over the past few weeks. About how the big brains at Google’s DeepMind AI system say they may have developed a memory system they’re calling a “differentiable neural computer” (DNC) and possibly unlocked the path to truly intelligent deep learning. About how many of Facebook Messenger’s[…]