Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

So far, up until this point in your life, you’ve managed your own money. You’ve established bank accounts, signed up for credit cards, procured loans, saved up for retirement, and invested a little bit in the stock market. But you want to do more with your money, and you’re wondering if you should hire a financial advisor to help[…]


Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Tech Stocks

When it comes to finding new stocks to invest in, tech stocks are not always at the top of a trader’s list. In fact, many investors are intimidated by technology-based stocks for several reasons. Consider a few of the most common reasons people shy away from these stocks.    First, it’s a hard sector to have a deep understanding of if you[…]


4 Times Michael Robinson’s Investment Expertise Succeeded

I’m Michael Robinson, the investor and tech expert behind Nova-X Report and several other publications.  I’ve had quite a few successes over the years that have not only helped me grow my net worth, but have also helped thousands of other people succeed in the stock market and with other securities. My strategic tech investor[…]

There’s One Way to Cash In on the Snapchat IPO – Without Buying SNAP

Wall Street is salivating over the upcoming public debut for Snap Inc. And who can blame them? The initial public offering (IPO) for this developer of the popular instant-messaging service Snapchat will likely be huge. And I’m not exaggerating. Once shares begin trading as soon as next month, Snap could be valued between $21 billion[…]

Why “Don’t Panic” Is the Best Advice You’ll Ever Get

Imprinted on the cover of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy– the fictional “standard repository for all knowledge and wisdom” in the comedic sci-fi series of the same name by Douglas Adams – is the phrase “Don’t Panic.” Arthur C. Clarke (2001: A Space Odyssey, Rendezvous With Rama), a British science-fiction author even more renowned[…]