Financial Advisors Are Not Created Equal: Why Fiduciary Responsibility Is So Important

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take control of your finances. You want to get your bank account in check by paying off your debts, making wise investments, and ensuring that you and your family have enough money now and for the future.   Right now, you’re a bit of an outlier, because many people don’t have enough of[…]


Be Your Own Investment Analyst With These 4 Big Data Basics

Big data has become a buzz phrase inside and outside the financial world. People are increasingly going online with phones, tablets, watches, televisions, computers, and other connected devices, and their data is being recorded at all times.   Their viewing and browsing history, phone calls, purchased items, search history, and much more are being stored and analyzed. Why? To deliver people better products, send them[…]


Avoid Huge Losses and Market Mood Swings with These 5 Tips from Michael Robinson

The stock market is a volatile place, and 2018 was an especially turbulent year. In fact, December of 2018 marked the worst December for the stock market since the Great Depression. If you had invested $100 in a fund indexed to the S&P 500 on December 1, it was worth $89 by December 31.  With a 24/7 news cycle constantly reporting disasters and[…]


7 Most Revolutionary Tech Stocks (and What They Mean for You)

Throughout the history of the stock market, there have been many tech stocks that have taken off. Early investors and smart traders hedged their bets on new tech companies and bought and sold at the right time. Their forward-thinking attitude and tolerance for risk paid off big, sometimes in the form of millions or even billions of[…]


Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Tech Stocks

When it comes to finding new stocks to invest in, tech stocks are not always at the top of a trader’s list. In fact, many investors are intimidated by technology-based stocks for several reasons. Consider a few of the most common reasons people shy away from these stocks.    First, it’s a hard sector to have a deep understanding of if you[…]

Should You Listen to a Financial Analyst?

When it comes to managing your financial portfolio, people have different options they can explore. Generally, there are three main courses of action that most people take. These include the person who wants to do it all themselves, the person who seeks advice online, and someone who prefers to hire a financial analyst.      First, the “go it[…]

How Does Venture Capital Influence the Stock Market?

It’s no question that venture capital often plays an important role in the support of new start-ups. Many aspiring company owners would still be concocting their business plans in their basement if it weren’t for the deep pockets of venture capitalists. This especially rings true in the tech industry.   The specific types of support that venture capitalists offer[…]

What Does a Certified Financial Advisor Do?

In the heavily regulated financial industry, people can’t simply claim to be experts in finance, investing, or any other related area. They need experience, a proven track record of success, and certification. This is especially true with a certified financial advisor. When people talk about certified financial advisors, they often mean certified financial planners or[…]


Tech Stocks: How to Pick Them (And Profit)

Picking tech stocks isn’t as difficult as it sounds, but my Nova-X Report subscribers often ask for specific tips or strategies they can use to improve their odds. It’s true that the tech industry is constantly changing and evolving, but that’s actually good news for people who invest in tech stocks. A volatile sector brings[…]


How to Benefit From Michael A. Robinson’s Success

From creating Nova-X Report to predicting the pot stock ride, I’ve spent most of my career building on what I see coming versus what’s already occurring. That’s why many people feel drawn to the Michael A. Robinson brand. I’ve made a name for myself by being right about where the market is headed. As a[…]