When is the Best Time to Take Advantage of Technology Profits?


I get lots of questions about when and how to take advantage of technology profits. People hear the word “tech” and get a little scared. That’s understandable. It sounds like science fiction, but without the fiction.

Subscribers to Nova X-Report see my other publications, such as Radical Technology Profits. They know they’re making money from the existing subscription service, but they’re wary of the others because they sound too sophisticated.

It’s understandable. The tech industry seems shrouded in mystery to those on the outside looking in, but that’s exactly why I’ve created my publications. I want to demystify some of the jargon and difficult concepts so retail investors can profit from some amazing opportunities.

Let’s look at the myths and facts regarding technology profits so you can make an informed decision for yourself about how to proceed with your investments.

Do You Need to Be a Certain Age to Reap Technology Profits?


Age is not a factor when it comes to tech investments.

Well, let me back-up. Your average toddler can’t take advantage of technology profits, but if you’re an adult with a bank account, you can invest in the tech sector. I promise.

It’s a myth that you have to be older and more worldly to invest in tech companies. I got started several decades ago, and other than experience, nothing has changed. If you want to reap technology profits, you can go it alone or subscribe to Nova X-Report and my other publications. I can help you skip a few steps of trial and error.

It has nothing to do with age. Instead, you need dedication to learning what I teach and the ability to either manage your own trading account — which isn’t difficult — or to call your broker and set up a trade.

How Much Money Is Required to Invest in Technology?

This is another question I receive all the time about technology profits. Since tech companies are so big, they wonder how they can make any money with a small trading account.

Here’s the thing: Most tech companies aren’t big.

If you’re investing in Facebook, IBM, or Apple, you need a pretty hefty trading account. However, there are plenty of smaller firms with much lower stock prices. They might be poised to go big in the near future, but they’re not there yet.

And now’s the time to get in. You reap maximum technology profits when you can foresee the next big thing, and that’s my specialty. I look for the up-and-coming companies with potentially disruptive technology under their belts, and I take advantage of major technology profits by investing in them early.

Is There an Ideal Time or Season for Technology Investing?

Here are the facts: Investors tend to invest more money in the stock market during bullish times, then sell their holdings as soon as the market turns remotely bearish. It’s been that way forever. Good times invite more investors into the pool, and hard times see them dumping stocks like crazy.

In my experience, you can reap the most technology profits during those bear markets. This doesn’t mean that bull markets are bad, but that you can sometimes pocket more gains when everyone else is running scared.

During the financial crisis, I didn’t pull my money out of the stock market. I shifted things around based on economic indicators, but I found those companies that stood to weather the storm. Investors who threw up their hands and stuck their money in savings accounts missed out on huge technology profits.

Conventional wisdom says that the best time to invest in technology, or any sector, is during a strong bull market. I don’t follow conventional wisdom, though, and I teach my subscribers how to pocket technology profits no matter the time, season, or market conditions.

Should You Have Experience With Other Securities?

This is another question I hear quite frequently. Some people think that tech stocks are a category all to themselves and that you need experience with other securities to earn technology profits.

That’s not the case at all. Many of my students have never invested a dime in the stock market. They’ve never invested in bonds, EFTs, futures, commodities, FOREX, or anything else. In other words, they’re completely new to investing.

Still, they write to me about their amazing technology profits after a few months. They’re amazed they could make money with no experience in the securities industry.

Yes, if you’ve been investing in the stock market for years, you have a slight advantage over someone who has no experience at all. This doesn’t mean you can’t take profits in the tech sector when you’re completely new to the game, though.

Do You Need to Be a Tech Expert?

If you think about it, nobody’s a tech expert. The tech sector reaches into so many industries and covers so much of what we do these days that you can’t learn it all.

I don’t say that to discourage you, but to empower you. There’s no need to have a background in tech at all to take advantage of technology profits.

Or maybe you do have a background in the tech world. You might be an expert on consumer electronics, digital programming, robotics, or telecommunications. But there are plenty of other investment opportunities outside your field of expertise.

That’s where Radical Technology Profits comes in. I scour the world for new tech investment opportunities so my subscribers can profit. I also try to learn as much as I can about new tech advancements so I can find the companies and organizations that are using them for innovation.

No, you don’t need to be a tech expert to take advantage of technology profits. Learn as much as you can so you’re an informed investor, but don’t assume that you need to read a million books and get a degree to become a tech investor.

Should You Have a Degree in Finance?

A finance degree never hurt anyone, but neither does it give you a particular advantage in the stock market. Let’s say that you’re a CPA. You understand numbers, taxes, capital gains, and other aspects of the finance industry. But that doesn’t mean you can pick stocks better than someone with no finance background at all.

The stock market hinges on so many factors that nobody can master them all. For instance, some people have a true eye for stock chart patterns. They can look at a chart and immediately discern dozens of pieces of data about that stock, predict what it’ll do next, and even give an educated guess about previous price action.

That’s a natural gift.

But that same person might struggle with fundamentals. We all have our strengths, which is why there are no prerequisites to reaping technology profits. You just need the desire to learn and trade.

Are There Resources to Help You Learn?

The internet has created an incredible environment for anyone who wants to learn a new skill. You can find free and paid resources all over the place to help you learn how to invest in the tech sector and earn technology profits.

Some resources are better than others.

There are a lot of scam artists out there who claim to offer totally free stock picks that will make you rich, but actually hurt you in the end. Don’t listen to those people.

There are lots of old blogs that no longer remain relevant. Additionally, I see a lot of bad advice thrown around, even on major media publications.

Find someone you trust so you can learn more about how to maximize technology profits. That’s the best way to protect yourself and to learn faster.

How Can Nova X-Report Help?

One awesome resource is Nova X-Report. It’s a publication that shows you how to invest in up-and-coming technology without having a ton of money to put into the market. I keep you up to date on all the latest high-tech announcements and innovations so you don’t have to do that research yourself.


Investing in the stock market can prove scary. You don’t want to lose your hard-earned money just because you’re not a so-called tech expert or because you don’t have a background in finance.

I hope I’ve put those fears to rest.
With resources like Nova X-Report, Radical Technology Profits, and Strategic Tech Investor, you can learn how to trade tech stocks like a pro. I’m here to show you the best opportunities in the tech sector and beyond so you can reap maximum technology profits.

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