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Dear Reader,

Hello, I'm Michael Robinson, Director of Venture Capital and Technology Investing for Money Morning.

I put together my 2015 Tech Investor's Forecast with one goal:

Produce a simple investing "playbook" that could show you how to double your money with technology stocks in the coming year.

Well, I've done that… and more.

Anyone who takes advantage of my 2015 Forecast will have the chance to double their wealth not just once… but twice by this time next year. That's because the Forecast identifies seven profit plays that together could quickly inject 380%-500% into your portfolio.

And while you're quadrupling your money in 2015, you could also receive extra income – up to 16 times more than you'd get from an ordinary savings account.

Now of course nothing in the market is guaranteed, but the 2015 opportunities in technology will be huge – as I'm about to show you…

Starting with the fastest-growing sector in 2015: Biotechnology.

Since 2010, the biotech sector has soared 257%. That's more than triple the S&P's 80%. This year alone, biotech beat the S&P by 133% and crushed the DOW by 244%.

And the sector will continue to soar through 2015. One reason is the sheer number of new "blockbuster" drugs expected to reach market.

By this time next year, the FDA is expected to approve as many as 11 new treatments.

I expect those new drugs to lift biotech shares across the board in 2015.

And that's not the only major catalyst in our favor.

Right now there are over 100 biotech companies poised to go public in 2015. Those IPOs are all but certain to keep the current bull market roaring through the year.

A full 60 of those IPOs are expected to go live before April 1. So you have to move fast if you want to catch this wave. Already investors are lining up to claim their piece of this $320 billion biotech bonanza.

The big question is: How will you profit?

My 2015 Tech Investor's Forecast has the answer.

I've identified one Biopharma firm whose leading drug revenues are set to grow a whopping 50% in over the next 24 months. 

And that's just the beginning of this company's good fortunes to come.

This company just signed a major deal with a "deep pockets" partner to develop an Alzheimer's treatment.

Make no mistake… this new compound could be an absolute moonshot for investors. One expert recently marveled…

"If the right drug were to come along though, the Alzheimer's market could expand to $20 billion on an annual basis."

But even that catalyst pales next to this one…

The company I'm talking about is inches away from gaining control of a $13 billion market, thanks to their breakthrough treatment for chronic hepatitis C.

This company's new treatment is so promising – and important – that the Federal Government has stepped in to get it onto a rare "fast track" to approval. The drug is in the late stages of clinical trials, and could be approved any day.

When that happens, I expect to see the company's stock price boom.

The largest U.S. Pharmacy benefits manager has publicly said it will likely adopt this company's compound as the allocated treatment for its millions of patients with hepatitis C.

With a tailwind like that… I think we're looking at easy triple digits. And to sweeten the deal… how about a hefty annual dividend of nearly 3%?

This biotech play is only one of the seven potentially high-profit moves I've tracked down. Together they could quadruple your money and hand you 8.2% in annual dividends.

All of the details are in my 2015 Investor's Forecast. Even better, I'd like to send it to you for FREE.

Get Big Cash Dividend and Double-Digit Profits Playing "The Industrial Internet"

I've been following this story for months now, but I wanted to make sure you were the first to hear about it.

Just last year, more than 100 companies joined forces to launch the biggest industrial projects in U.S. history.

It's called "The Industrial Internet." Now you may have heard me mention the Internet of Everything on Fox Business – where I appear weekly – or in one of my research pieces for Money Morning.  

Well, the Industrial Internet is a huge subsector of that far-reaching world-changer…

But it focuses specifically on the industrial and manufacturing aspects of it, and how these 100 companies are reshaping the world with this new technology by monitoring industrial machinery, supercharging logistics, planning emergency responses, and identifying new business opportunities.

These companies, in fact, use billions of microsensors and massive amounts of computing power to connect together gigantic machines – jet planes… power plants… locomotives… gas pipelines… off-shore oil rigs – to revolutionize the way we make, use and monitor just about everything.

These computers gather hundreds of millions of pieces of data every day.

Then, the people who design, operate, and maintain the machines use this intelligence to:

  • Make tiny adjustments that save hundreds of millions of dollars for customers…
  • Save countless millions of dollars on energy output, and downtime…
  • Even predict with remarkable accuracy when a failure is about to take place…

I've never seen anything this big attempted before, and I've spent 34 years in Silicon Valley analyzing markets.

Here's an example of the kind of money were looking at.

Boeing uses Industrial Internet processes to model airflow over the wings of its $300 million 787 Dreamliner. One report I studied concluded…

"A 1% boost in fuel efficiency would put $2 billion a year into airlines' coffers."

Another report called this opportunity "staggering" and said…

"The Industrial Internet could add from $10 to $15 trillion to global GDP."

One of the world's largest industrial companies estimated the Industrial Internet to be "a $30 trillion opportunity."

In my 2015 Tech Investor's Forecast, I'll show you the best way to play this opportunity…

I combed through every one of those 100 joint venture companies and found the one I believe will run away with market share as this "new industrial revolution" continues to pick up speed.

This company already has planted its flag in more than a dozen market segments, including some that stand to gain most from the Industrial Internet – Aviation… Healthcare… Energy Infrastructure… Power and Water… Oil and Gas…  

In one of the boldest moves I've ever seen, in 2013 this firm began selling state-of-the-art Industrial Internet software based on its own top-secret in-house platform.

With one daring stroke, this company made a play to control the software powering the $15 trillion Industrial Internet.

This year they're expected to sell more than $1 billion worth of applications.

Yet, astonishingly they are still flying under the radar of Wall Street and most investors.

For instance, a recent MarketsandMarkets report highlighted many Industrial Internet leaders, but failed to mention the company I'm about to share with you.

This oversight works perfectly in our favor… because this company is poised to give you a rock-solid double-digit win in 2015. That, plus a 3.7% annual dividend makes this a stock you want to own – now.

I spell it out for you in my 2015 Tech Investor's Forecast, which you can have for FREE today.

The Boldest Predictions I've Ever Made

Of course, if that was all I had for you, you'd stand to double your money by spring. But I'm just getting started….

I've spent the last three months researching the seven investments you'll find in my 2015 Tech Investor's Forecast.

I looked at thousands of charts from hundreds of companies.

I reached out to scientists and CEOs… pored over reams of financial documents… Double-checked each number… until I'd boiled it down to the seven potential blockbusters you can read about today.

Here's a small sample of what I've packed into your 2015 Forecast

  • A digital payment technology is on the verge of a massive breakout and could inject from 120%-250% into your portfolio – in 2015 alone. Right now only accredited investors are able to grab a piece of this one… but that's about to change in a huge way, maybe as early as January 1. As soon as the gates open, investors are going to flood this opportunity, and with my Forecast in hand, you'll get there first.
  • A play on "miracle materials" that could easily double your investment thanks to a surge in electric cars, especially in Europe and China. In 2015, the big money won't be with the auto makers… but with the little known high-tech supplier you'll read about in the Forecast
  • Three other stocks I expect will fatten your portfolio in the New Year, including…

    • A medical device firm that just crushed consensus earnings estimates by a stunning 300%…
    • A microchip dynamo that has developed a breakthrough line of highly dense chips for smartphones…
    • And most exciting of all… a maker of a new security sensor embedded credit cards (highly sought after by VISA and MasterCard) that could single-handedly eradicate credit card fraud and put a huge dent in the cyber-hacking crisis we're currently facing

Expect a fast double-digit bump on all of these plays.  

When I totaled the gains you could get from the picks in the Forecast, I was stunned. All told, I'm projecting total profits anywhere from 350%-467%.

And I plan to deliver…

Don't forget…

The dividend-paying stocks in the Forecast currently yield 8.4% annually. That's 16 times what you get from a typical savings account.

Now don't get me wrong, no one can predict the market 100% of the time. But it's hard to deny the mountain of evidence I've uncovered in my research.

Before I show you how you can claim a free copy of my 2015 Tech Investor's Forecast

Here's another quick example of the kinds of windfall you could see over the next several months.

2015's Most Turbo-Charged Growth Machine

With tech investing, the biggest and fastest gains come by jumping on an unstoppable trend. This "Mobile Wave" play I've uncovered fills that bill in spades.

Apple Corporation is expected to sell a quarter of a billion iPhone 6s in 2015. Propelling that bonanza is Apple Pay, a mobile payments system that lets you pay for things by waving your phone over them.

In 2014, shoppers made $50 billion in mobile purchases. That number will soar to $214 billion in 2015 – an amazing 328% jump.  

Apple CEO Tim Cook is on record saying this new easy, secure and private way to pay for things "is going to be profound." I agree 100%!

But that's not why I'm so excited right now.

I'm not looking for Apple to be the biggest winner here.

No, the big winner in this sea-change is a below the surface specialty chip-maker whose products make the whole payments revolution possible.

You see, what makes mobile payments work is a highly specialized technology called "near field communication" (NFC). An NFC-ready smartphone can "read" tags on bottles, posters, coupons, and retail products.

The company I've discovered makes the microchips you find in the iPhone 6, and in dozens of other products… such as tablet computers, "Connected" cars, TV set-top boxes, and more…

And here's the kicker. Right now, only about 10% of U.S. payment terminals are able to process phone-swipe payments. That means that as mobile payments expand, countless merchants will have no choice but to upgrade their computers and cash registers to handle them.

And make no mistake… those merchants will upgrade.

After all, by using a mobile payments system, merchants sidestep the hefty fees they pay to credit card companies – currently a cool 2%- 3% per transaction.

That means we're virtually guaranteed to see the kind of hardware replacement cycle that happens barely once a generation.

That means this company could explode.

I'm looking for them to give us an easy double-digit payday in 2015. And not just because of mobile payments. This company has a second ace in the hole.

The same technology driving the $124 billion mobile payments wave is also at the heart of an expected $9.56 billion "wearable tech" boom.

Several technology insiders I've been in contact with say the wearables market will be bigger than anyone can imagine… growing at a compounded annual rate of 78% for the next several years. That means it will double roughly every 11 months.

One senior executive at Cisco said the number of objects digitally connected grows by 300,000 every hour.

Juniper Research says revenue from the wearable tech market will hit $19 billion in 2018.

The key to getting rich – I mean, really rich – is to find the "next" crop of Apples, Microsofts and Ciscos… and to find the catalyst that's poised to ignite them.

Folks, wearable technology is that catalyst.

And it cannot function properly without this company's NFC technology. That's why this company has the potential to be simply huge. And it's just one of seven recommendations you can have right now. Together they could hand you up to 500% in gains even as you scoop up 8.4% in extra income.

You'll get all the details in my 2015 Investor's Forecast, at no charge to you.


To claim your free copy of my 2015 Tech Investor's Forecast, all you have to do is accept a risk-free trial of my technology investment service, Nova-X Report.

Nova-X Report is a members-only investment research service unlike any other.

It reveals staggering new opportunities from all of the biggest tech trends, reshaping our world… I'm talking about Big Data, Cloud Computing, the Mobile Wave, Miracle Materials, Biotechnology, and, of course, the Internet of Everything.

Fact is, right now the entire tech sector is creating more millionaires than anywhere else in the market. In fact, according to Forbes

"A whopping 25% of the Forbes 400 made their billions in technology."

In Nova-X Report,I investigate the kind of opportunities that create millionaires. The kind you don't often hear about in the mainstream financial press.

Then I provide my subscribers detailed reports on the best way to invest in them before the crowd rushes in.

Not only that, I show my readers how to pull more than one payday from just a single play.

It's something I do for every one of my investment services and for all my subscribers. Here's what I mean…

Most people have never heard of Micron Technology.

Yet it recently created one of the biggest breakthrough technologies of the decade: A supercomputer memory module that will run up to 15 times faster than most of the memory devices on the market today.

Readers who listened to my recommendation on Micron made a nice 105% gain on their initial stake… and the second, currently open block from the same initial stake is up 235%.

It's a perfect example of what makes my approach so unique.

I always approach an investment opportunity with the mindset of capturing multiple paydays from it.

I recommend a play on an initial stake… then, as the profits start to soar, we start extracting windfalls we can apply to other opportunities.

Lin TV is another perfect example of my approach. This Providence, RI company lets people watch TV anywhere – phones, computers, and iPads. They moved their whole platform to be an "on the go," "anywhere you go," TV company.

We all know this is the future. The younger generation doesn't even watch conventional TV. It's all on their phones or computers.

Lin TV simply stood out from the crowd.

Very few people ever heard of them, but being around Silicon Valley so much, I immediately recognized them as a very nice under-the-radar play.

The result?

My subscribers could have doubled their initial stake, in just a few months, a 103% gain. Then closed out their second block for a 75% gain on the same company.

They had the same chance with Santarus a pharmaceutical company that patented treatments for ulcers and Type 2 diabetes.

Again, most people couldn't tell you one iota about this company. But I had been following them for years – so I knew Santarus was a hot takeover target.

Which is exactly what happened after I recommended it. It got bought out – giving my readers a 104% gain on the initial stake – and then a 91% winner when we closed the second block.

This approach and methodology is what I bring to Nova-X readers – get in early and take their profits.

Of course no one has a crystal ball… or wins 100% of the time. Sometimes plays don't go as well as you expect, sometimes they do even better.

But the numbers speak for themselves. And I base my recommendations on cold, hard facts. That's what's brought small fortunes to those who follow me…

For instance…

I recommended a small biopharmaceutical company that develops synthetic vaccines and immune therapies for certain types of cancer and infectious diseases.

Daniel McCarthy of Petaluma, CA followed me into this target and was glad he did.

He shared with me that…

"Michael, I made over 250%. This was my best trade ever!"

Alex Cabot of Dallas, TX, had been a member for about seven months, and his portfolio has grown quite fast during that time. He was excited to let me know…

"Michael, you have doubled my money!"

I'm not trying to "blow my own horn." I just want you to know that folks who follow my recommendations are usually happy they did.

Like Bob Kreen of St. Louis, MO who wrote to tell me that…

"I became a member about a year ago. Since joining I have tripled my net worth."

And don't forget, Nova-X Report isn't about winning one or two trades.

It's about transforming your entire portfolio and strengthening your financial security. What Randy Ashton shared with me makes this crystal clear.

"Michael, I just took a hit of $44,000 in my investment portfolio, so I decided to start following your recommendations. In a nutshell, I am 5 for 5 so far. Thank you, Thank you. If you were here, I would give you a big hug."

Clifford Richardson has done even better. He let me know that he cashed in on two of my triple-digit winners…

"I made approximately 125k for the year."

In short, Nova-X Report gives you everything you need to potentially make windfall profits in the hottest sector around…

I tell you about the pioneers in all the new technologies…

I give you my top picks for the best plays in different sectors…

And I reveal why I believe these markets are going to be the answer to your investing prayers.

And today, you're invited to join me and use my Nova-X Report.

By becoming a Nova-X Report member today, you'll have my 2015 Tech Investor's Forecast in your hands immediately – so you can started with my moneymaking recommendations without delay:

It's all in there for you…

  • The seven technology investments I believe you MUST jump on for huge profits in 2015…
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  • How to position yourself to get an annual dividend yield that's 16 times greater than you'd get from a bank…

But that's not all.

Your Nova-X membership gives you so much more including:

Membership Benefit #1: 12 Editions of Nova-X Report – Every month I prepare an intelligence briefing that reveals the biggest tech market catalysts and stock recommendations I've uncovered from my Silicon Valley sources and investigations.

Nova-X Report

You'll hear what I'm hearing in these meetings. You'll see what I'm seeing.

If I'm examining a prototype of a new sensor technology, I'll explain every detail of it.

If I'm touring a biopharmaceutical lab, it'll be like you're by my side.

I also link these breakthroughs to the major trends and sectors they'll be disrupting and transforming.

For instance, in a recent Nova-X Report edition, I shared a pioneer in "cryopreservation" technologies. This is just starting to be used in cardiac and vascular surgeries involving implantable living human tissue.

Already, 1,000 surgeons at 800 facilities in the U.S. are implementing this company's breakthrough. But the growth is about to expand throughout 75 more nations.

Another opportunity I disclosed involved a company that had developed a "honeycomb" advanced material that could create the lightest and fastest aircrafts in history.

Plus, I shared a small biotech firm that, while investigating a mountainous area of Southeast Asia, came across a naturally occurring, biocompatible polymer called hyaluronic acid.

It offers never before realized promise for people to live longer and without pain… while giving investors unlimited profit potential.

With each investment I reveal in my Nova-X Report, I provide streamlined analysis of the company's fiscal health, financial strength, and their sources of venture capital funding.

This way you can quickly assess the profit targets and investment exit timelines I establish.

Membership Benefit #2: Nova-X Report Trade Alerts – Whenever the moment arrives to maximize your returns, you'll receive an instant trade alert that notifies you that it's time to take profits and move on to the next big play.

So, it goes without saying, we won't be holding on to these companies, admiring them like trophies on a shelf.

We get in… we wait for the big rise… we get out… and we move on.

Membership Benefit #3: Nova-X Report Weekly Dossiers – Every week I investigate the groundbreaking innovations, trends, and events that are emerging. Plus, I provide an in depth assessment of our current investment recommendations. You get a complete Portfolio Update including company highlights, overall portfolio performance, trailing stop adjustments, and even "special situation" buy recommendations.

Membership Benefit #4: Nova-X Report Audio/Video Briefings – Before I recommend an opportunity to you, I always insist the company grant me up close and personal access to their operations. And that includes meeting their top brass.

So whenever I interview the CEOs of major Silicon Valley companies, I bring a recorder or camera and I share this footage with you.

This way you can get the inside scoop, straight from the source.

Membership Benefit #5: 24/7 Access to Nova-X Report Members-Only Website – This is the private, online portal where I store every intelligence briefing, investment recommendation, and alert.

Membership Benefit #6: Nova-X Report Concierge Service – Your membership includes unlimited use of a special concierge service where you can call or email my team directly with any concerns about your subscription.

I encourage you to use this regularly, so you get the most out of this opportunity.

Nova-X Report is a unique and comprehensive solution. It's built so that even the newest investor will have the ability to compete with Wall Street's seasoned veterans.

This provides everyday folks a leg up over the competition at these big firms. Because they already have enough advantages over Main Street.

Which is why the price for a year's membership is $299. I intentionally set it at a rate that is within anybody's price range.

I'm giving you such a low price, because I want you to become my next Nova-X Report success story.

That's also why, along with my 2015 Tech Investor's Forecast

And along with your one-year membership to Nova-X Report

I'm also going to include two additional bonus stocks to ensure you hit the ground running.

How to Cash In on the $1.4 Billion Nano-Computer Phenom

Bonus Investor Briefing #1: How to Cash In on the $1.4 Billion Nano-Computer Phenom –­ Minuscule nano-computers – smaller than the head of a pin – are about to make a jarring impact on the Wearable Technology sector… and society as a whole.

I've discovered one small company that's about to turn the medical world on its head with the release of a computer chip so small, it can be swallowed and used to track a person's most important vital signs. And that's not all…

I expect to see an avalanche of new products launched from this nano-computer platform in 2015. I'm talking about a demand in the billions.

This company is one of my must-have picks. And it's starting to take off right now.

But that's not all. My second bonus stock could boost your net worth even greater.

The $487 Billion Race to Conquer the Digital Battlefield

Bonus Investor Briefing #2: The $487 Billion Race to Conquer the Digital Battlefield – During a recent meeting I had with Major General Michael Mazzucchi, we discussed the Army's plan to conquer what he called the "digital battlefield." In this investor briefing, I discuss four highly sensitive programs: The Air Force's "5th generation fighter sensors," as well as the "MQ9/ Block 5," the "Dominate in Unmanned Systems," and the "Global Precision Attack" programs.

Amazingly, there's one company behind all this new technology. And it's on the verge of making investors quite wealthy. This report is valued at $99, but it's yours at no charge when you join me at Nova-X Report today.

In addition, let me say this:


Let me repeat that – to make sure you understand that there is no risk to you whatsoever.

Take the next two months to review everything you are about to receive.

That's a full 60 days to examine the investment opportunities I reveal in the 2015 Tech Forecast, both bonus reports and your additional issues of Nova-X Report, as well as the weekly intelligence briefings and profit alerts.

Review the members-only website. Take advantage of Nova-X Report Concierge Service.

If, for any reason, during the next 60 days, you feel this isn't right for you, all you have to do is contact me, and I'll return every penny of your subscription dues. No questions asked.

You can even keep everything I'm giving you today including:

  • My 2015 Tech Investor's Forecast with seven moneymaking recommendations… plus my 2 bonus briefings…
  • How to Cash In on the $1.4 Billion Nano-Computer Phenom… and
  • The $487 Billion Race to Conquer the Digital Battlefield

And you can keep the two Nova-X Report editions you'll receive during your trial.

These gifts are my way of saying thank you, regardless of your decision.

Let's not waste another minute. Your copy of my 2015 Tech Investor's Forecast is ready to be sent to you.

Just click below to accept a risk-free test drive of Nova-X Report right now.

Or simply call 800.513.6445 or (443.353.4487 for international callers) from 9 am to 5 pm (Eastern Time) – and be sure to mention Priority Code WNVXR102.

Happy New Year and good investing,

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Michael Robinson
Director of Venture Capital and Technology Investing, Money Morning
December 2014

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